Friday, July 9, 2010

We love the bank!

The sweet drive thru lady at the bank has discovered Jacob is big enough for lollipops now. We love going to the bank... orange one!

Fourth of July Festivities

The fourth of July weekend this year kept us all pretty busy! We had so many different events and we had so much fun with each one!

We kicked off the weekend with our first ever Burris Family Movie Night. We borrowed Horton Hears a Who from the library and popped popcorn and snuggled on the couch to watch the movie. This was Jacob's first full length movie and he did well...lasting about an hour or an hour and ten minutes. He got up to play then, but kept an eye on the movie and did cry once it was over. We enjoyed it so much!

Saturday was Watkins Family Reunion Day. The Gould family joined us this year since their usual plans had been cancelled this year. Jacob and Ella had so much fun playing!

Sunday we joined the Gould's for BBQ, a refreshing swim in the neighbor's pool, and a gorgeous fireworks display (the first time Jacob had seen any!).

Monday we had a day off and decided to spend the day in Hustonville with Chris' family. Jacob had so much fun that day with Granddaddy! He helped him work in the yard and showed him his awesome t ball skills!

Burris Family movie night!

Jacob got really into the movie!

Jacob, Kate, Ella, and Granddaddy at the Watkins Reunion.

Mom Burris and I at the reunion.

Chris and Breck having fun at the reunion.

Enjoying the Gould's neighbor's pool!

Ella and Breck splashing around.

Playing t ball in Hustonville.

Rain, Rain...

It is the first "real" rainy day today in a very long time. We've had our share of short lived pop up summer storms, but not enough rain to keep the grass soft and green or the plants happily hydrated. Today it has been a steady rain much of the day. We needed it so badly!

I had planned to take Jacob to the pool today, but the rain put a damper on those plans-no pun intended. So instead, Jacob and I went to the library to play there and refresh our stock of backhoe library books. Turns out half of Lexington decided today was a good day for the library. After a fun hour or so at the library, we headed to McDonald's for a mommy-Jacob lunch and some fun on the indoor play area. Then we came home and I did what any other amazingly wonderful mom would do with her kids on a rainy day. Nope, we didn't bake cookies, color pictures, or do crafts.

No, we did this instead................

I was the best mom ever today!