Friday, August 5, 2016

Wonderful-Unspeakable-Goodness {18 Months Home}

Eighteen months ago we covered half of the earth to return home--suddenly now a family of six.  God had started a tremendous work in all of us that day.  Something unspeakable.  Something hard. Something messy.  Something so unbelievably good.  Something I simply cannot put words to.  In those eighteen months we have changed.  All of us.  We are not the terrified new family that walked through our front door eighteen months ago.  We know who we are and we know more deeply the One who created us and has worked this miracle-unspeakable-wonderful thing in and through us the past eighteen months.

A family of six for eighteen months.  It is only by His powerful-unspeakable-wonderful work that we are here.  We bask in His love and goodness to us through this weaving together.  Only His creativity and imagination could let this be what it is.

Blessed beyond belief.