Sunday, November 13, 2011


I haven't blogged in a looonnngggg time! Time gets away from me when I have my hands full to the brim with so much wonderful goodness each day!

In the last week a friend of mine from college gave birth to her first daughter, Emma Grace. Emma spent twenty minutes on this earth, in her mommy's arms, before she went home to meet Jesus. Seeing my friend go through this with such grace and faith in the Lord has really been encouraging to me. It has also given me so much perspective.

I spilled my coffee in my lap. I ruined my favorite blouse in the wash. I changed 13 disgusting poopy diapers today. The kids tore up my magazine before I got to read it. I burned dinner. My kids fought with me or didn't nap as I wanted them to. All of these things would rank on a list of "bad day" items and many of us would ask for a "re-do." But then I started thinking about my friend who is leaving the hospital without her sweet baby tucked snuggly into her carseat in the back of the car. How she would LOVE to change 13 disgusting diapers, have a horrible nap day, not get to read her magazine, burn dinner because the kids were distracting her.... It is all about perspective. My bad day would equal a dream come true to her. Talk about a convicting attitude adjustment for me!

Since I've had a bit of a perspective change this week, I wanted to thank God for the very things I most often whine or complain about. :-)

Jacob, my buddy, my right hand man, my smarty pants. I love my Jacob, his inquisitive mind, his thoughtful ways, his eagerness to learn. Recently Jacob and I have been having wonderfully deep thought provoking conversations about Jesus. I thank God that I get to be his mommy and watch him tuck truths about the Lord into his sweet, three and a half year old heart! How I long to see the day Jacob declares Jesus is Lord!

GRACEMy sweet little Gracie Beth. What a fun little personality you are developing! You love to copy and mimic and are discovering all that you can do with your throat, voice, and face! You are my sweet, contemplative, petite little girl. You are so reserved and quietly take it all in, following your brothers where ever they might lead. I pray one day you will follow a Christian husband as sweetly and lovingly as you follow your brothers today. I see your wheels turning, little girl, and I pray that one day all of this talk with make sense in your mind and you will know who is the Giver of Life.

JOSHUAJoshua, my big man, crazy man, silly boy, and fearless one. Joshua, you are full of courage and trust. You are my true example of how to live life with full abandon--happy and free--filled to the brim with joy. You march to your own beat and explore all that God created with complete joy and freedom. You are curious to your own demise. Nothing compares to walking into your room with you jumping happily in your bed, facing the door, happily waiting and jabbering for someone to come set you free from your crib! Oh Joshua, how I pray that one day your will tame your reckless abandon and harness your curiosity and funnel it all into leading others to know and love Christ. What a leader you will be one day if you are able to do this!

Thank you, Lord for trusting me with these.....

Friday, June 17, 2011


Dear Little Man,

Today it was your turn for mommy to sit and rock just you. I love every inch of your little boy-ness! You're growing so fast and getting harder for me to fit you into our little tummy to tummy snuggle. Your wrists have puffy baby fat rings around them and it looks like you've got a rubber band around your arm all the time pinching into your skin. Even your palms are puffy and plump and I love it! Right now your eyes are as blue as the bluest of skies and I hope they don't change one bit! I don't know who you got them from, but I adore them. You've got mommy's short stubby eye lashes, but son, if you keep those bright baby blues the eye lashes won't matter a bit!

You are my happy boy. So bright and cheerful each day! Your whole body wiggles with delight when I come in to tell you good morning! You love to chatter and giggle. I love to just rub your soft baby head and it works out well because you love, love, love to have someone rub that sweet soft little head of yours. You'll close your eyes up tight, give a content little moan, and cover your face with your hand as you drift off to sleep. I love it that you cover your face when you sleep. It is what makes you, you!

I try to imagine you as a little boy or even someday as a teen and I just can't! I love everything about your disposition and I hope that you are well blessed by the Lord in this life. You will always be my sweet little Joshua, my little boy, my little man. I love you sweet boy!



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Recipes in Review

Last week I mentioned that I was going to try out two new recipes for Amish Baked Oatmeal and Bananaberry Freezes. Here's the Burri take on them:

This one was delicious! It was easy to mix up, quick to throw in the oven the next morning, and reheated well. I definitely recommend serving it with warm milk over the top. I think this would also freeze well. Just mix it up and when you get to the refrigerate overnight part, put it in the freezer. Defrost overnight in the fridge and it should be great! We will definitely be making this one again (especially since I can buy almost 3lbs of oatmeal at Aldi for a steal!). We had this for a summer breakfast, but I can definitely see us making this many times for a hearty winter breakfast. Someone also told me baked oatmeal is great with canned peaches (with syrup) on top...might have to try that!

This one was also a hit, though I think the guys liked it better than I did. Jacob kept asking for more of our "special drink." We had some to drink with our breakfast and then I froze some in Popsicle form. Chris and Jacob have both enjoyed them frozen--I didn't try them. While I thought this was good and loved that I knew 100% everything in them was healthy and fresh, I still felt like it needed something more. The recipe linked here says you can add any citrus beverage and then mentions the use of OJ. I think OJ might give it the tang and zip that I thought it was lacking. I will be trying OJ next time.

This week I haven't really ventured out for anything new. We've made some yummy traditional treats though, like Oreo Cookie Cake and No Bake Cookies. I hope to try this recipe for Southwest Roll-ups in the next week or so and put them in the freezer for some quick meal options. I'll let you know how it goes! It's hard to believe, but it also almost time to dust off my blender and start working on building up the freezer stash of baby food! Joshua and Grace will be old enough to start baby cereal in a week! I bought all my baby cereal for Jacob, but this time around I hope to make more of my own using--you guessed it--the 3lb container of cheap oatmeal! :-)

What about you? What are some of your favorites?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet Grace

I found over the initial months of parenting three children I was in survival mode (aren't we all?). I realized I was lumping Joshua and Grace together into this category of "the babies" (never "the twins"--for some reason they just don't feel like twins to me...). Recently life has slowed down some. Joshua and Grace are sleeping through the night, they are mastering how nap time works, and we're settling into a routine that works for all of us. Now I am trying to take time out for each child to just focus on them and let them show me who they are.

Jacob and I get plenty of time one on one still since the babies take a morning nap. We also try to use some of the help Grandmama provides by doing things together while she's watching the wee ones. This week Joshua and I took a walk just the two of us with him in the front pack. He LOVED looking all around and fought off sleep as long as he possibly could.

Today I wanted to dedicate this post to sweet Grace. We'll talk more about the others another time.

Dear Pretty Girl,
My little Grace, you are just what your name means. You show me each day the grace of God in His amazing gift to me--YOU! You are my sweet pretty girl. Today during naptime you had a hard time settling down. Joshua was asleep and Jacob was playing quietly, so I rocked you for a good twenty minutes. I rocked you, and only you, and got to enjoy just you. I feel sad sometimes that there isn't enough of mommy to go around. I don't get to hold and snuggle and memorize all about you like I did when I had just Jacob. I don't know when I've actually spent quality time just rocking with you. But today the house was quiet and it was just you and I, little sister, and it was glorious! I rocked you till those long, dark eyelashes of yours gave up and kissed your cheeks. I patted your little bottom and rubbed your sweet little head and just had time with you. You are my precious, itty bitty, wonderful Grace and you were fearfully and wonderfully made!

I wonder sometimes what God will call you to be. I pray for your future husband and that he will be a man like Daddy; hardworking, strong, patient, and kind. I pray you will be able to fulfill the desires of your heart and one day be a mommy like I am. I pray for you to guard your sweet little heart until the right time comes.

For some reason I feel great weight when I think about raising you, sweet little Grace. I feel the weight to raise you to be a godly young woman and the pressure for me to teach you how to be submissive, yet strong and quiet, yet bold. It all seems so complex, but I know God will give me the grace to teach you all that you need to know.

I love you, Pretty Girl, and I can't wait to get to know you more and more.



Berries and Other Yummy Goodness

Now that I am at home, I've had more time to become more adventurous in the kitchen and try lots and lots of new things. I've been trying to do new recipes each week and I'd love to post them occasionally.

This week starwberries were on super duper sale at our local Aldi (I LOVE Aldi, by the way). Being the strawberry lovin' group that we are, I decided to stock up and try my hand at freezing them this year. It all seems simple enough and Jacob had a lot of fun helping!

Mmmm....look at all that red juicy goodness!

Jacob was an outstanding washer and dryer of the berries (and he snuck a few to eat too....)!

This is what 5lbs of strawberries look like while you let them dry. It sure sounds like a lot more than it looks like!

So this weekend, we plan to give our strawberries a try in this recipe for Bananaberry Freezes. It sounds like it is right up Chris and Jacob's alley! I also hope to use this recipe for Baked Oatmeal this weekend. Mmmm....comfort food!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"B" Babies?

Well, we have successfully gotten Jacob to give up his "B." It really wasn't that hard. He occasionally asks about it, but the memory is rapidly fading. He went on his boyhood trip to play Putt Putt with Daddy last weekend and it was lots of fun! It was definitely much harder for mommy than it was for Jacob.

Are we raising the next generation of "B" babies? It is a bit early to tell, but I think they like them..... Thank you Great Grandmama Neva!

Grace is enjoying a ride in the swing with her "road rag B."

Joshua is assuming his sleeping position with his "road rag" too. He is so funny. He ALWAYS covers his face right before he goes to sleep!

It is still early (though Jacob was clearly attached to his "B" by this point), but we are curious to see if the "B's" will have the same "magic powers" Jacob's "B" had!

Summer is Here!

Summer is in the air for the Burris family! We broke out the baby pool and had some fun splashing around!

My three sweeties: Joshua, Jacob, and Grace

LOVE the drip on the very tip of his nose!

Joshua is just trying to make sense of it all. He had FUN!

Grace wasn't into getting wet (such a girl), but she sure did enjoy watching her brothers!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from the Burri Five!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Becoming a Boy

We've begun the path toward boyhood in our home. Farewell toddler...hello little boy.

If any of you know Jacob even the tiniest bit, you know what a treasured possession his "B" has been to him. "B" has carried Jacob through many events in his little life: separation anxiety, stitches, shots, doctor trips, car rides, airplane flights, overnights, boo boos, hurts, fears, the arrival of twins....the list could go on and on. "B" became an important part of life extremely early; somewhere around three months of age. Jacob named "B" within in weeks of starting to talk.

Today is a momentous day. Today we said good-bye old friend and tucked sweet "B" away in Jacob's memory box. We'll save it for Jacob's little boy to have one day.

Earlier today this seemed like a great idea to Jacob. Put "B" away and go a whole week without it and earn a "boyhood excursion" with Daddy next week (aka putt putt and ice cream). Now, as nap time is in full swing, and the babies are crying in the room next door, the tears are flowing.

As a parent I know that I must stick to the plan. Jacob is a little boy who is BRAVE and STRONG and he does not need his "B." As a mommy I want nothing more than to get the soft blankie out of his memory box and return it to its rightful owner. As a mommy I want to go into a room and shed a few tears too because as I put that "B" away in that box today, I put away an era of Jacob's life. He isn't a baby anymore. He's a little boy. And it's all going way too fast. Goodbye thumb sucking, pudgy cheeked, snuggles in mommy's lap. Hello big boy hugs and annoyed kisses.

Jacob, I am not sure who is going to hurt more throughout this process, you or me nor am I sure who will shed more tears. But I do know this. I LOVE you and I cannot wait to see the boy and MAN God has created you to be. Remember your verse sweet boy: "Yes! Be bold and strong for remember, the Lord your God is with you where ever you go." And yes, God will be with you, even as we say good-bye to "B."

Farewell "B." It is time for Jacob to become a B-O-Y!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We May Be Twins, But.....

I thought it would be fun to write a blog about the similarities and difference between Grace and Joshua. They may be twins, but they are most assuredly NOT the same children!

Sucks left thumb, but only once half asleep. Paci first, then thumb.
LOVES to be naked!
Thinks it is fun to play with her toys with her feet.
Is happy, but not all that talkative. She saves conversation for the "important" stuff.
Is the worlds SLOWEST eater.
She's a deep, deep her mommy. :-) She will sleep through anything once she is asleep.
Grace is a deep thinker. She sits back and takes it all in.
Can't handle being awake for long periods of time.
Gracie LOVES the toys on the play gym.
Coughs when she cries.
Really doesn't care for the car much.
LOVES to shop and will just ride in the cart and quietly look around watching.
Burps rather daintily.
Can do tummy time all day long and rolls over.

Wants the paci and nothing else! Hasn't really discovered even how to suck his thumb.
Is a kicker while he eats. Kick, kick, kick those feet!
Is a CHATTERBOX! He will coo and goo and babble at anyone who will listen.
A HUNGRY boy and eats FAST.
He's a light sleeper and more restless. He startles easily and wakes at noises.
When he goes to sleep he covers his face with his hands and LOVES to have his head rubbed.
Likes to stay awake longer than Gracie.
Joshua LOVES the toys on the bouncy seat.
Has a low, slow, deep groan when he starts to cry.
Loves to ride in the car, but it must be moving at all times! No stopping allowed!
Sleeps through every shopping trip.
Burps like a man. :-)
HATES tummy time, can barely get his head up, and is no where near rolling over.

Joshua and Gracie:
LOVE their big brother Jacob and could watch him play for hours.
Don't really like to be left alone anywhere...they always want at least one person around.
Have smiles that will light up a room.
They both get mad right before they pass out for a nap. Really mad....
Are morning babies...happiest first thing in the morning when Mommy comes in and says, "Good morning babies!"
Both have issues with the 9PM feeding. Tummy issues or something?

I know there are more, but they are more different than they are alike!

Life as Five

It has been three months as a family of five. We've gone through the ups and downs of postpartum life, sleepless nights, frustrations, diapers, formula, three year old issues, surgeries, appointments, photos, hugs, kisses..... It is hard to believe it has been three months yet at the same time it is hard to believe it has ONLY been three months.

A lot has changed in such a short time. Gracie can roll from front to back, suck her thumb, "talk," smile, play with toys, and sleep through the night. Joshua can talk, smile, play, and sleep through the night. Jacob is in a big boy bed and has memorized almost every song they play on K-Love. I am officially a stay at home mom and have discovered coupons, baking, crocheting, and that laundry is an endless task for a family of five.

I have gone from not being able to move off the couch without help to going to the grocery with all three kids alone weekly. We venture to the park, the grocery, the library, and have play dates. We have signed up for Bible study in the fall. Being home has allowed me to do more to serve Chris--getting his clothes ready each day, packing lunches, and occasionally getting up to cook a yummy breakfast. I work harder now than I ever did working 40+ hours a week. I am exhausted each day and sometimes wonder how it will all get done, but I love it. Do I get frustrated with my kids? You betcha. But I still wouldn't trade this job for any others. I am so thankful I have such a hard working husband who makes this all possible!

I can't wait to see how much life continues to change and grow for us as a family of five!

God is Good!

There is nothing better to me than the sight of my family, enjoying family worship before bed each night (well, I admit, I do find my husband holding all three of my babies incredibly attractive too!).

What a great looking bunch, those Burri!

Bath Time and Nap Time!

Joshua and Grace have discovered bath time is fun! FINALLY!

Gracie has also found her thumb during bedtime and nap time....

And Joshua has assumed the "I'm spent, so sleepy, can't take anymore" position here....

I have the best babies ever. :-)

Room Time!

Each day I have Jacob spend a little bit of time alone in his room so he can practice his skills of entertaining himself (plus it gives me time to do a little housework without the assistance of a three year old). Jacob is told to stay in his room and he can do whatever he wants to do, but he must play quietly (the babies are napping usually) and he has to do it on his own. Some days he is more enthusiastic about room time than others.

This is how I found him today:

I LOVE that my boy LOVES to read!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Everyone asks me what life is like with twins. Well, it' with two babies and a three year old. It is wild! I don't sit down, I don't relax, I crash into bed each day, and to be honest....I kinda like it (except for the sleep deprivation, which is getting better each day). I will say one thing about two babies; it is more than just double the work. I'm not sure how that works, but it just is. It's more than double the laundry, diapers, bottles, formula, crying, snuggles, pictures, giggles, coos. It's WAY more than double.

Anyhow, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what we're up to on a regular day with the Burri Five:

3:00AM-4:00AMish--Babies 1st bottle of the day. Whole process in the middle of the night with one person takes about 45 minutes (bottles, diapers, back to bed)

7:20AM-- Joshua has himself programmed to think he needs to be awake at this time. He's not supposed to be.

7:20-7:45AM--Plug Joshua's paci a million times and finally give up, loading him in the bouncy chair.

8:00AM--Mommy attempts to shower. Usually with at least one baby in the bouncy seat in the bathroom and the other cranked on the monitor or sleeping in our bed (so bad, but this is the ONLY time they get in our bed since I can see it from the shower).

8:00-8:30AM--Jacob wakes with a resounding "I'M READY MOMMY!" Sadly, family breakfast at the table has gone down the tube since Mommy's sleep deprivation marathon began. Give Jacob a bowl of dry cereal, park him on the couch for a video, and attempt to continue bathing process, while still plugging various pacis in various mouths.

9:00AM--Mommy is still likely in her bathrobe, but has at least washed herself and brushed her teeth. On a good day, make-up has been applied, but hair and clothes are yet to follow. Start dressing twins. Seriously, somehow this takes at least 30 minutes each day. I have tried to speed it up and I just can't!

9:30AM--Finally give twins first bottle that should have been given at 9:00.

10:30AM--Wrap up bottle, put Joshua and Grace down for naps, get Jacob dressed, teeth brushed, start loads of laundry. Mommy may attempt to eat breakfast now.....

11:00AM--FINALLY do hair and get dressed. If make-up was not applied earlier, it gets done now. Plug pacis throughout.

11:30-12:00PM--Housework (usually dinner prep for the night) and attempt to spend time with Jacob. Plug pacis throughout.

12:00PM--Lunch for Jacob, hopefully Mommy too.

1:00PM--Try to get Jacob down for nap in next 15-20 minutes while plugging pacis. Potty, nap time story, usually a battle of some sort over cleaning toys, etc.

1:15 or 1:30PM--Give twins bottle they should have had at 1:00.

2:30PM--Wrap up bottle, diaper changes, play time--start settling twins for afternoon nap.

3:00PM--Wash bottles (I have JUST enough to make it a full 24 hours so this is a MUST and non-negotiable item). Plug pacis throughout.

3:30-4:30PM--Mommy time! Housework, dinner prep, laundry, computer time, etc. Plug pacis throughout.

5:00PM--Bottle time--AGAIN! Daddy should get home somewhere in here. Jacob should get up from nap.

5:30PM--Dinner prep.

6:00PM--Dinner. Plug pacis a hundred times here. This is the worst nap time for babies.

7:00PM-8:00PM--Chaos. :-)

8:00PM--Bath for Jacob. Bedtime story. Tuck in.

8:30PM--PJ's for babies, baths if needed.


9:45PM--Babies in bed. Plug pacis till they pass out.

10:30PMish--Mommy tries to go to bed unless I left Daddy in charge of 9PM bottle, in which case I am dreaming by now.

Do it all again.................

Saturday, March 26, 2011

God is Good!

So, I don't exactly have all the time in the world for blogging these days. Being mommy of three ages three and under is quite the task, to put it lightly. In fact, last night after I'd been out for a few hours, I got home and Chris sweetly said to me, "Each time I am here alone with these kids I have more and more respect for what you do each day. I have no idea how you get it all done!'' That was the sweetest compliment he could have paid me!

Let's see....what is new. At three weeks of age we took Joshua and Grace for a check up. Both had gained weight (Joshua up to 7.11 and Grace up to 6 even). Joshua had developed some "issues" and we discussed those at length. He had started to vomit quite a bit after each feeding. The doctor told us it sounded like reflux and told us to call if it seemed he was bothered by it and we could start him on medication. We didn't think he needed the medicine at the time.

Twenty four hours later, we saw Joshua really struggling with some significant discomfort, so we went ahead and called the doctor and requested the medication. We tried that and the first night it seemed to bring him relief. Then it seemed it wasn't working anymore. We put his mattress on an incline and bought a whole new line of bottles to try to help him. The vomiting seemed to be getting worse and we got to the point that I would bring out three or four rags, a bib, a towel, and an extra outfit for Joshua each time we fed him.

The vomiting continued and I became worried. He seemed lethargic and never cried to be fed anymore, leaving all the night waking up to his sister. Then I noticed a drastic decline in wet and dirty diapers. At this point I was convinced he did not have reflux and called the pediatrician.

We went to the pediatrician bright and early on Tuesday morning. I left Chris home with Grace and Jacob. At the doctor's office I told him all about what was happening and also mentioned Chris' history of having pyloric stenosis as a baby (something that is commonly passed from father to son). Our pediatrician was so compassionate and listened to all I had to say. They weighed Joshua and he was down from 7.11 to 7.7 in just one week's time. The doctor told me reflux babies do not lose weight and that we needed to send him to a specialist. He sent us straight from his office to UK Children's Hospital.

After a couple phone calls, Chris was able to make arrangements for Grace and Jacob to be watched by family members (what a BLESSING) so he could join me at the hospital. Some labs and an ultrasound revealed Joshua had pyloric stenosis and would require surgery.

What is pyloric stenosis? There is a muscle (the pyloris) between the stomach and intestines. In a baby with pyloric stenosis this muscle grows thicker and thicker to the point where nothing in the stomach can empty into the intestines, therefore the only way out is to vomit it out, often forcefully, causing the vomit to be projectile. Thus the reason for the towels, rags, and changes of clothes after each feeding. The condition most often presents itself in the first 3-5 weeks of age and is most common in boys, usually the first born boy. It is even more likely to occur if the parent had the condition.

Joshua was checked out and he was rather dehydrated and not ready for surgery because his electrolytes were out of whack. They needed to get that all taken care of before they could operate, so he spent a day and a half on IV fluids and we were not permitted to feed him (poor baby went about 36 hours without a bottle!). He was pitiful, but really a trooper and rested a lot of the time. He had surgery on Wednesday afternoon and we came home by noon on Thursday. The surgery was laparoscopic and not nearly as invasive as the surgery was when Chris had it as a baby. Our surgeon was awesome and he said they do about two of those surgeries each week. Joshua tolerated his bottles well after surgery and is doing well now that we are home.

Chris and I are so thankful God provided us with family to care for Jacob and Grace, nurses and doctors who were skilled, and a successful surgery. We are so thankful for His protection over Joshua and for a little boy who is on the road to recovery...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Burri Five

Two weeks ago I looked like this: 36 weeks, 6 days (February 18, 2011) pregnant with twins, about to burst. I was just hours away from heading to the hospital for the arrival of Joshua and Grace.

I was miserable and trying hard to remind myself to enjoy those last few sweet moments of being pregnant--feeling babies move and bump and twist and turn inside.

On February 19, 2011 Joshua entered the world at 10:28AM weighing 7lbs and was 21 inches long. One minute later at 10:29AM Grace joined us weighing 5lbs. 4oz. and was 18.75 inches long. It was a scheduled c-section.

We arrived at the hospital around 8AM that day, all nerves and excitement. Jacob was with his Aunt Fred. I cried the night she picked him up. I was so sad to see my baby not be a baby anymore. I knew once these babies were born he would instantly be bigger, more mature, and grown up to me than ever. Yes, I cried when he left. It wasn't any different the morning of the c-section. I cried from nerves. What was life going to be like for Jacob? Could I mother TWO babies at one time? What was the surgery going to be like?

Once we got to the hospital it was all a bit surreal. With Jacob I was in labor and we had no idea how long it would take before we got to meet him. Now, I just walked in feeling all pregnant and full--perfectly fine (aside from the usual contractions I'd been fighting off for months). They walked me back to a prep room with four beds. No privacy! It was so odd. They were expecting me and everyone knew about "the twins" who were going to arrive that day it seemed. I got dressed into my gown and the did the usual poking and prodding. I had the IV put in and that was horrible, as always. There seemed to be a blur of activity in the two hours it took for them to prep me and get me ready to head back to the operating room. A nurse came and asked me if I was ready and I was terrified. I just got up and walked down to the operating room.

Once I walked in I was terrified. There were people everywhere and activity all over the place. Two baby beds, nurses for each baby, nurses for me, students, doctors, lights, tools, etc. They had me climb up on the operating table. Also very odd. At this point I started to cry like crazy. The nurses asked me what was wrong and I just told them I couldn't believe I was having two babies and how nervous I was.

They gave me my spinal, which I was crying so much for they actually briefly knocked me out while they put it in. I was thankful for that. When I woke up I could hear my doctors voice, saw the drape going up, saw Chris come in all smiles and excited. I thought I could feel the first incision. I told the doctor I could feel it and they said I shouldn't feel pain. I told them I still could feel it. Then I was out. The knocked me out cold. I missed the arrival of Joshua and Grace, but I also missed what was apparently a pretty eventful surgery. At the end of the delivery the doctor was not able to get the bleeding to stop and there was quite a bit of work that had to be done. My one hour surgery took two hours in the end and I lost enough blood to require a 2 unit blood transfusion a few days later. I was one procedure away from a hysterectomy, but thankfully that did not have to happen.

Those days at the hospital are all hazy. I slept a lot and spent a lot of time in a drugged stupor. I vaguely remember holding Grace and Joshua the first time. Recovery was very, very slow and the hardest thing I ever had to do, especially prior to receiving the blood transfusion. On Tuesday, February 22, 2011 we came home from the hospital. Those early days at home were hard as well. Getting around was difficult and I still had quite a way to go in healing. Now, almost 2 weeks post-op I am still sore, still slow, but feeling better each day. I am still anxious about mothering three children all at once and all those things I feared with Jacob came true. He IS bigger, he is more mature, he does look like he is 5 instead of just shy of three. But he has taken all of this in stride and has been such a good boy adjusting to life with not one, but two new siblings. I've had endless help from my mom and I have yet to be here alone to manage all three kiddos at one time. Next week I have help from my mother in law. I'm not sure what it will be like to do it all on my own, but I know God is good and He will get us through, just as He provided for me to carry Grace and Joshua to term.

And so it is...we are now the Burri Five.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elevator Talk

Today was my 35.5 week appointment at my doctor. The roads were a bit slick with snow and it was also my final ultrasound prior to the arrival of the babies, so Chris decided to miss work in the morning to take me. On the way there I told him about this new phenomenon I have discovered here in the last four weeks or so and sort of come to enjoy....elevator talk.

What is elevator talk? It is the strange thing that happens when you put a largely pregnant woman in an elevator with complete strangers. Chris did not believe me that it would happen, but today he was proven wrong. Elevator talk happens. Every week, every time, right on schedule. It is predictable and expected. I would be disappointed if it didn't happen.

You get in line and push the up button and wait patiently in a crowd of strange people, each going their own way. You do not speak and everyone becomes so immensely focused on the little arrow above the elevator and that big red dot that tells you your ride has arrived. You don't even really scan the crowd. There is little talking and very little looking about. Just staring at the doors, waiting for them to open and beckon you inside.

The elevator doors open and everyone bustles in--more than probably ought to and each respective rider tries desperately to tuck in purses, shush children, and occupy their own inch of space. You shout out numbers and whoever is closest to the control pushes the multiple buttons. You wonder why on earth the person who needs off at 2 is in the back of the elevator and the person who needs 7 is at the front. Isn't that how it always works? Then the doors close.....and it starts. The elevator talk.

First, it starts out as some quiet glancing about. If we're going to be trapped in here together, we ought to check out our company. Now we want to know who are current companions are. Eyes glance around and then generally go back to cell phones or feet. That is, put a pregnant woman in the elevator.

Pregnant women induce elevator talk. It's become a game to me, really. I try to size up my riding companions and see who the culprit is going to be. Who is going to break the utter silence and speak about the pregnant woman in the corner?

Something about the elevator makes it okay to make any comment one might wish to make. Here are some of my favorites:
1.) Oh, twins! Must have been in vitro? This one is one of my favorites because it came from a little old lady who was about 90. What does she know about in vitro?
2.) You look like you are going to pop!
3.) Must not be too much longer..... They trail off and eagerly wait, hoping you say you were due yesterday. Surely someone your size was due yesterday.
4.) Oh! Don't have the baby in the elevator, please.
5.) Soon? This one is my favorites. They don't want to say you're huge nor do they want to corner you into responding, so they just wait with eyebrows raised to see if you'll take the bait.
6.) Look at that basketball in there! When I respond that I actually have TWO basketballs, the eye brows raise even higher.
7.) You look HUGE! Yes, people really do say this!
8.) Sometimes there isn't any talk, but the eyes light on you for the whole ride and you can see them warring inside, "say something, no, it's rude, say something, no, it's rude." I just stare back encouraging them to take the dare and say what they are really thinking..... I think I'm getting better at my nonverbal skills and coaxing it out of them with my eyes.
9.) I'm 38 weeks and far are you? Oh sweetie, you and your little ONE baby that weighs 8lbs....I don't want to hear that you are miserable. I've got 12lbs of baby in here and I'm only 35 weeks (or 31, 32, 33....)

Suddenly we reach our floor, the doors flood open, and elevator talk ceases. I get off and chuckle to myself-almost thankful I have a full 7 floor ride in which to enjoy these random comments. After my appointment I get to get back on and enjoy it one more time as I descend to the first floor.

Chris thought I was exaggerating this morning, but I showed him the truth. Yup, more elevator talk today--both rides--up and down. As much as I will be glad to see this pregnancy come to an end with healthy little babies, I will admit, I think I will secretly miss my weekly entertainment in elevator talk. Or, perhaps I am far too entertained by elevator talk since my only social stimulation generally occurs at my weekly doctor's appointment. Either way, it has been fun!

Are YOU an elevator talker?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chronicles of Bedrest

It has been entirely too long since I have posted. I've got some catching up to do!
My twin pregnancy was going wonderfully smoothly this fall. At my 24 week check up, my doctor told me she typically starts seeing her twin patients every 2 weeks at that point, but since I was doing so well, she was going to let me go four weeks. In November I paid off my student loan (wahoo!) and submitted my resignation on the same day! I am joining the ranks of the stay at home moms, but planned to continue contracting to teach Monday evenings. I went for my 28 week appointment and found out that I was showing some slight signs of pre-term labor, but nothing to be terribly concerned about....yet. I made the choice at that appointment I needed to be able to lay down more often and spend less time upright, so I moved my office to my bedroom and began working three days a week (my usual schedule) from home. I took a leave of absence from teaching Foster Parent classes. This was a great change and things seemed to be going pretty well. I was so thankful my employer allowed me to do this!
I got through the Christmas holidays well, but it was challenging. On December 26-27 I went to bed feeling a lot of contractions and trying to figure out what to do. In the wee hours of the morning on December 27 (29 weeks and two days) I decided to call the doctor who advised I go to the hospital. I was put on monitors and it was found I was contracting every 2-3 minutes (I'd thought it was about every 8 minutes when I went in). They gave me IV fluids, injections, and oral medication to stop the contractions. I was sent home later that morning with instructions to follow up with the doctor that afternoon. I went back to the doctor that afternoon and contractions had returned. I was sent home with an oral medication to control the contractions and strict instructions for bed rest (I could shower, move from the bed to the couch, and use the restroom). That is where I have been since then. I am currently 34 weeks and 1 day and still laying on the couch or bed... I am so excited to be reaching milestones (35-37 weeks is my ultimate goal).
These babies are growing. And filling my body. Fast. Their movements hurt now and I feel their presence in every inch of my frame. I have moments when I have the assurance that God does not give me more than I can handle and I march onward with hopeful anticipation that I will keep these babies in and not send them to the NICU. Other days I cry at the drop of a hat and beg my doctor, God, my husband....everyone for mercy! I know it is all worth it in the end.
Since going on bed rest we have been incredibly blessed. My mom stayed with us two weeks, Chris' mom is staying with us 4 days a week indefinitely until these babies arrive, our church family has put together an army of helpers to bring us meals 1-3 times per week, my sister has come weekly and cleaned, played with Jacob, and laundered my clothes. It is so hard not to jump up and do all those things that need to be done, but I am so grateful and beyond words for the way people have poured out blessings on us!
My doctor will not schedule a c-section (breech babies right now) until I reach 37 weeks, but she guesses I'll have them anywhere between 35-37 due to various reasons (contractions that won't stop, water break, blood pressure spike, etc.). I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I completed my last day of work on January 24th and officially became a stay at home mom. My teaching plans have changed due to some financial issues at my company. There's a chance I may be asked to come back at some point, but right now, it is on hold. God, in his Sovereign provision, provided me with an opportunity to stay on at Benchmark working on some research and data entry for approximately 24 hours per month. So, while I have resigned from my other position (which I will miss) I will continue with this other little project both before and after the arrival of the twins. It is a simple job and very flexible so I can work around sleeping children and schedules. It isn't much, but it is a tiny bit of extra income each month and it keeps me involved with the company I've grown to be so passionate about.
I attribute all that I have accomplished in this pregnancy to the Lord. There is no way I could do this alone, but it is by his strength alone!
Here are some photos to look back over the time......
P.S. I apologize for the spacing issues--I am using the laptop to post and for some reason I always have these problems. Better get used to it since the desktop has been packed away to make space for babies!!
December 3, 2010-25 weeks, 6 days
January 11, 2011-31 weeks, 3 days

January 22, 2011-33 weeks