Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Everyone asks me what life is like with twins. Well, it's......um......life with two babies and a three year old. It is wild! I don't sit down, I don't relax, I crash into bed each day, and to be honest....I kinda like it (except for the sleep deprivation, which is getting better each day). I will say one thing about two babies; it is more than just double the work. I'm not sure how that works, but it just is. It's more than double the laundry, diapers, bottles, formula, crying, snuggles, pictures, giggles, coos. It's WAY more than double.

Anyhow, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what we're up to on a regular day with the Burri Five:

3:00AM-4:00AMish--Babies 1st bottle of the day. Whole process in the middle of the night with one person takes about 45 minutes (bottles, diapers, back to bed)

7:20AM-- Joshua has himself programmed to think he needs to be awake at this time. He's not supposed to be.

7:20-7:45AM--Plug Joshua's paci a million times and finally give up, loading him in the bouncy chair.

8:00AM--Mommy attempts to shower. Usually with at least one baby in the bouncy seat in the bathroom and the other cranked on the monitor or sleeping in our bed (so bad, but this is the ONLY time they get in our bed since I can see it from the shower).

8:00-8:30AM--Jacob wakes with a resounding "I'M READY MOMMY!" Sadly, family breakfast at the table has gone down the tube since Mommy's sleep deprivation marathon began. Give Jacob a bowl of dry cereal, park him on the couch for a video, and attempt to continue bathing process, while still plugging various pacis in various mouths.

9:00AM--Mommy is still likely in her bathrobe, but has at least washed herself and brushed her teeth. On a good day, make-up has been applied, but hair and clothes are yet to follow. Start dressing twins. Seriously, somehow this takes at least 30 minutes each day. I have tried to speed it up and I just can't!

9:30AM--Finally give twins first bottle that should have been given at 9:00.

10:30AM--Wrap up bottle, put Joshua and Grace down for naps, get Jacob dressed, teeth brushed, start loads of laundry. Mommy may attempt to eat breakfast now.....

11:00AM--FINALLY do hair and get dressed. If make-up was not applied earlier, it gets done now. Plug pacis throughout.

11:30-12:00PM--Housework (usually dinner prep for the night) and attempt to spend time with Jacob. Plug pacis throughout.

12:00PM--Lunch for Jacob, hopefully Mommy too.

1:00PM--Try to get Jacob down for nap in next 15-20 minutes while plugging pacis. Potty, nap time story, usually a battle of some sort over cleaning toys, etc.

1:15 or 1:30PM--Give twins bottle they should have had at 1:00.

2:30PM--Wrap up bottle, diaper changes, play time--start settling twins for afternoon nap.

3:00PM--Wash bottles (I have JUST enough to make it a full 24 hours so this is a MUST and non-negotiable item). Plug pacis throughout.

3:30-4:30PM--Mommy time! Housework, dinner prep, laundry, computer time, etc. Plug pacis throughout.

5:00PM--Bottle time--AGAIN! Daddy should get home somewhere in here. Jacob should get up from nap.

5:30PM--Dinner prep.

6:00PM--Dinner. Plug pacis a hundred times here. This is the worst nap time for babies.

7:00PM-8:00PM--Chaos. :-)

8:00PM--Bath for Jacob. Bedtime story. Tuck in.

8:30PM--PJ's for babies, baths if needed.


9:45PM--Babies in bed. Plug pacis till they pass out.

10:30PMish--Mommy tries to go to bed unless I left Daddy in charge of 9PM bottle, in which case I am dreaming by now.

Do it all again.................