Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Water Wednesday!

Summer finally decided to arrive and it gets hot, hot, hot in a hurry around here!  We are laying low this week and staying pretty close to home during the days since we have jam packed evenings full of fabulous VBS.  This morning I decided I'd let the kids play with the water table and sprinkler before we got our morning bath.  We tried to get out there early....close to 9:30 or so, but it was still already pretty hot, even in the shade!  That's okay!  That just made the water all the more fun!

Jacob finally discovered the concept of running through the sprinkler this year, rather than just running around it!
And if it gets really hot, you can just stand over it...
Even water worried Joshua got in on some sprinkler action!  I was impressed!
He still wants the sprinkler on a pretty low setting and he'll only touch it with his hands, but boy, he has come such a long way from last summer and even the start of this summer!  Before we know it, he'll be a regular fish!
Grace got in on some of the action, too, but not a whole lot.  She was rather content to hang out on the steps and just watch the boys play.  She's not been herself this week.  I think she's either getting a touch of a cold (stuffy nose) or she's working on those two year molars and just not all that happy.  I'm sure our super late nights and shortened afternoon naps are contributing some too.  Only three more nights of VBS and then hopefully she can catch up and get back to her happy self!  We've missed her fun spirit!

Sleeping Beauty

It is VBS week in our house and while VBS equals tons of fun, it also equals super tired, worn out little bodies!  Our schedule is out of whack and we're doing our best to make due.  All in all we're having fun.  And who can resist a little sleeping beauty all surrounded by her best friends?

I could stand and watch them sleep all day long.  There's just something so sweet and innocent about it.

Love you, sweet Gracie.  Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Somebody found his pockets and thought he was mighty cool stuff.  Look how grown up he is, all ready for church!
"Pockets!  Mommy, I got pockets!"

Mommy Time

Everyone has their days when they just need a touch more attention from mommy than the others currently require.  Today was Joshua's day.  I'm so blessed to have so many helpful little chefs around!


Joshua, I thank God daily for placing you into our families.  He knew we'd take ourselves far too seriously if we didn't have your sweet, happy spirit to lighten us all up a bit!  I am so blessed by your cheerfulness, inquisitiveness, fearlessness, and joy.  You've really go the "joy, joy, joy, joy down in your heart!"  Thanks for smooching my face, hugging my neck, and helping me make Grandmama's famous baked beans.  I love spending time with you!  Little big man, don't ever get TOO big to fit criss-cross applesauce on our kitchen counter!

Batter Up!

Chris has been anticipating this day since the day we found out we were expecting a little boy.  It is the day he got to take Jacob to his very first Cincinnati Reds Baseball game.  I'm not sure who was more excited about this day, Chris or Jacob!  Chris took the day off from work and he and Jacob had a big time watching the ball game.

Thumbs up!  Let's go Reds!
Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, OH.
Jacob says, "this trip was #1!  Let's do it again!"

A Little Update...

Do you remember a post about a little man who was tackling making his own bed?  Remember how it was hard for him and he needed to see his progress?  Remember how his first photo had lumps under the covers and the blanket hanging out?  We said we'd re-visit it in a month to check.  Well....

June 19, 2013--The first day Jacob assumed responsibility for his bed.
June 26, 2013--Look how far he has come!  What a diligent, hard working boy!  So much growth in so little time!  I'm so proud of you!