Monday, June 29, 2009

The Big Day

The big day has arrived! Today is the day Chris is taking over his new position as a team lead! What does this mean for you? It means you have a job to do! Yes, you!

PRAY PRAY PRAY! Pray specifically for the following:
  • MOVING TIME! Chris is in a new department of purchasing so there are logistical things that need to happen. New desk, new office, new computer. Pray for the fewest possible hiccups in this department. No need for him to be stressed out over what should be a simple office move.
  • PATIENCE! There are so many new people who will be interacting with Chris and they will have expectations about how prepared he should be for this position. So much of this just depends on how well Bill (the man he replaced) trained him. Please pray for patience and grace from others as he adjusts. Pray also for Chris to have patience with himself. He wants to do such a good job and is easily frustrated with himself if he doesn't have the answer right away.
  • KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM! Yeah, this is a purchasing job and should be similar to what he used to do, right?! Wrong! Chris said he will be buying such totally different things and will have such different time frames than what he is used to. Pray for him to learn all there is to learn about what he is buying. Also, wisdom as a leader.
  • UNITY! Pray for the team Chris is now supervising; that they will pull together and work as a close unit and team.
  • LEADERSHIP! Pray for Chris to refine and grow his leadership skills as a supervisor. Pray for him to lead with grace and wisdom.
  • STRESS! Pray for Chris to find ways to minimize his stress, not bring work home with him, and find healthy boundaries between work and personal life.
  • HELP MATE! Pray for me! That I will be a strong encourager and assist Chris in releasing stress when he needs it!

You all play a huge role in this new venture. Thank you so much for loving us and praying with and for us!

Jacob's Growing Vocabulary

Jacob is saying more and more words! Here is a small list of some of the most recent ones:
  • Night Night = Nigh, Nigh or Nah, Nah (He always says this when we say it to him at bedtime, but I am told that today, while playing outside, he told Miss Donna "nigh nigh" and went straight down for a nap without even a whimper.)
  • Grandpa = BahBo
  • Outside = Sigh? (He always says this as though he is asking a question)
  • Shoes = Schoosh (He sounds very foreign when saying this one!)
  • Mommy = MahMEE
  • Cookie = Didldidldidldidldidldidldidl (So funny, but he really does say this every single time we ask him if he wants a cookie)
  • Daddy = DahDA
  • Hot = hoT (lots of emphasis on the "t")
  • Blueberry = Berry (I have not heard this one, but Miss Donna says he said it today. Their cat is named Blueberry).

I am sure there are more, but that is all that is coming to mind right now. We go for the big 15 month well baby check this week on Thursday. What your blogs....updates on the boy's stats will be coming!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Best Day...Ever

Today was the best day. Perhaps the best day ever. No, I take that back. It was the best day ever. Perhaps even better than joke!

Today was Burris Family Day. Not yard work day, not deck renovation day, not extended family gathering day. Today was a day for The Burri. Just Chris, Jacob, and I. Don't get me wrong, all those other days are great and we so enjoy them because it is time together and time with family, but for some reason, today just struck a chord. Maybe it was because it was so needed by me. I didn't realize how badly I needed it until I got it, but I so needed this time. Maybe it was because the hectic pace life keeps sometimes robs me of moments to soak in the moment and just love my family.

Today there was no agenda. Just us-the three of us. Chris spent the morning doing something he enjoys; playing basketball with the guys. I spent the morning doing something I enjoy; cooking, chatting with my mom, and mothering Jacob. We had lunch together and went down to the fountains with Jacob (refer to Fun at the Fountains post). We played together as a family and it was just so much fun! We came home, Jacob and Chris dozed, I blogged, and then we had a HUGE summertime meal of grilled chicken, fresh fruits, butter scalloped potatoes, and cucumbers (surprisingly, the cucumbers seemed to be Jacob's favorite! Who knew?!). We then went as a family to Babies R Us to pick up a shower gift for a sweet little girl who is being adopted from China (buying girl clothes is soooo much fun!). We topped the day off with ice cream...we had a buy one get one free coupon for a shake at Steak 'n Shake. Came home, tucked Jacob in, and phew! It was............the best day.........EVER. When can we do it again?

I don't want to go to bed. I don't want this day to end.

"Thank you, God, for days like these. For moments to be refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized. Thank you so much for family days and moments to soak it all in. God, you gave me this family and I am so blessed by them. Thank you for trusting me with such a precious, amazing gift. Amen."

More Handy Work

I've had many photos "trapped" in the ole digital camera. Can you tell? The weekend after we did the major flower bed renovation, we did a deck renovation as well. Here are the before and after photos! It had been waaayyyy too long since the last staining (which was two summers ago). Yup, sadly, deck staining needs to become an annual event. Two years is just too long, but it sure does look nice now!

Two of the before above....


Two of the after below...

We are pleased with our handy work!

Father's Day Through Photos

A bit late, but here is our "father and son" photo shoot from Father's Day! As is The Burri tradition, father and son wore coordinating polos and pants to church and then came home for a big nap and a cookout!

I am so blessed to have Chris as my husband and father to our son. He is such a fantastic Dad.

Thank you, Chris, for all you do to provide for our family, to lead us spiritually, and to grow us into a Christ exalting family. I couldn't be more blessed! I love you and Happy Father's Day!

Fun at the Fountains!

We took Jacob downtown today to play in the fountains in front of the courthouse. He loved it! Of course, for this first, I made sure to get more than adequate photo coverage! Enjoy his fun through the photos below!

Jacob wasn't quite sure what to think of the water at first. Here, he is warming up to the idea with Daddy.

Look, mama! Water fountains!

I love this one... It puts into perspective just how small he is in such a big place.

Jacob got quite brave while we were there. This one I shot sitting on a bench many feet away. He just took off and played till he couldn't play anymore!

I love this one too! So much joy over playing in the water!

We had a great family outing and will definitely make this a regular stop during the summertime at the Burri Residence. He just loved it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

15 Months Old!

Jacob is fifteen months old today! Happy day, Jacob. You are an amazing little boy. You make your mommy and daddy incredibly proud.

We love you, oh so much!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Goodbye Mama, Ma, and Mom! I am now affectionately called "Mah-Me!" Never mind that "mah-me" seems to have replaced "bah-be" which seemed to be his word for please. It is the cutest thing when he brings a toy to me saying "mah-me, mah-me." It is like he is asking mommy for help. In reality, I do believe he thinks he is saying please and asking for me to help with whatever he might need, but I'll just live in my delusional world and believe he is calling ME, "mah-he."

Other words for Jacob in the recent days:
  • Cat=meow (he will actually is quite convincing)
  • Ball=Bawwww
  • Daddy=Da-do
  • Book=Boooo
  • That=Dil
  • This=Dis
  • Hi=Hiye
  • Uh oh (he's got this one on the money)
Jacob has unfortunately also learned the word "discipline." Discipline in our household is code for spanking and a talking to. Tonight he wouldn't allow me to help him brush his teeth. I told him he was being disobedient and that I would have to discipline him if he didn't stop. I then asked if he wanted to be disciplined for his behavior. His eyes grew big, his sweet little face earnest, and with toothpasty drool running down his chin, he sweetly shook his head no. does that mean mommy has leverage now? YES! He knows the word DISCIPLINE. Of course, our only hope and prayer is that our DISCIPLINE today will lead him to be a DISCIPLE later.

Lucky Number 7

Jacob smiled at me the other day, yesterday, to be exact. A real big, open mouth smile. Do you know what I saw? I saw lucky number 7! That's right, Jacob has made the leap from just 6 chompers to 7!

He was drooling a good deal a couple weeks ago so I stuck my finger in there, searching for lucky number 7. He proceeded to bite me. I couldn't really discipline him because I did stick my finger in his mouth and it seems only natural to bite what is put into your mouth. My experience taught me that from here on out, I would just have to wait and be surprised by the appearance of any future teeth and catch mere glimpses of them during smiles or episodes of being hung upside down and tickled.

For most of you, the appearance of a new tooth isn't a big deal. But to a is relieving to see that tooth shining bright in those healthy little gums. It is a relief because you feel as though you can put your finger on the reason behind the whining, the crying, and the overall attitude for the last couple of days (or weeks for that matter). Who knows if all of those things are truly teething related, but it sure is nice to have something to blame the 'tude on rather than just the utter lack of toddler self-control.

I Forgot My Camera!

We went to a surprise party for a friend of ours yesterday. Jacob got to come. It was our friend's 30th birthday and it was at Gatti-Town. For those of you who don't know what Gatti-Town is, it is a pizza buffet joint with arcade games. I guess you could call it a grown up Chuck E Cheese.

I did not pack my camera. Why would I need my camera? Yes, this is our friend, but I don't need photo documentation of her 30th birthday party.

I did NOT know Gatti-Town had a carousel or that Jacob would LOVE riding on it! Three kids Jacob's age rode on it and all three had meltdowns and hated it. Jacob LOVED it, rode it three times, and each time, after getting off, would point and sign please over and over again.

And I forgot my camera.......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes Two Naps are Better Than One

Today started off with a bang. I had my alarm set so I could wake up early to make a yummy coffee cake for Chris to have for breakfast before he left for work. Well, when the alarm went off at 5:30AM this morning I thought that seemed like a much better idea in my head than in reality, so off went the alarm and off Chris went to work without any coffee cake. Maybe tomorrow?

Jacob slept in, which was fabulous so I had plenty of time to get showered, dressed, and make-up done before he woke up. We are in the process of dropping down to just one nap, rather than two, and I thought for sure the sleeping in would be perfect and allow us to do a few errands this morning before lunch.

I thought wrong.

Generally speaking, Jacob likes to run errands and ride in the cart. He just likes to be out in general. Not today.

We went to Best Buy and made it through that trip just fine. Then we went to Target. All was well, however, my leisurely browsing started to bother Jacob and the crying began. He cried and cried till I finally gave in and picked him up out of the cart. This was not a wise decision.

It was not wise because he loved being held and was pleased as punch to be OUT of the cart. I, however, was a bit nervous about how I was going to handle him, the cart (of course, I'd picked up a few things while we were there), pay, get my bag(s), and get out the door, all without having to put him BACK in the cart. Yeah. That is when the reality of my poor decision started to settle in.

Sadly, in the shoe aisle, I realized I must put him BACK in the cart if I wanted to purchase any of the items in my cart OR I had to abandon the cart and not purchase the items I had selected. I chose to put him in the cart and attempt to make a quick purchase.

Well, he screamed. I mean he SCREAMED. Red face, no noise while he winds up for a big wail, screamed. I got in his face and talked with him about obedience and all that and of course he wasn't having anything to do with that. He was more excited about causing his first ever scene in public. And he performed quite well, I might add.

Lo and behold, right as we approached the registers and I had made up my mind simply to abandon the cart and not worry about my purchases, he stopped. Just like he started. He quietly let me pay and get out the door and to the car before the screaming started again.

He fell asleep in the car today. Today needed to be a two nap day.... Oh well, he's getting just one and now maybe I'll be just a bit more prepared for the next toddler meltdown in Target. Maybe next time I'll just start screaming along with him. Wouldn't that be fun?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Want My Mom!

We went to a party/family gathering this weekend with Chris' extended family. The last couple of times we have gotten together with Chris' extended family have been especially hard for me. At first, I couldn't put my finger on it, but then I figured it out.

I delight in watching Chris' family delight in our son. Every babble, every step, every clap, every giggle....they delight in it, they rejoice in his life, and they love, love, love him! I watch them giggle and coo at him, smooch his little cheeks, and talk about all the places in the Burris or Broaddus family his traits and mannerisms must have come from. I sit back and watch and I love it.

But then I feel sad...

I feel sad because I know how much our son love, love, loves his Burris Grandparents. I feel sad because my mom is one of my best friends and she has missed so much of our son's life. She doesn't know him and he hardly knows her. He definitely knows her picture, though.

She chooses to live in NY and I choose to live in KY and I wouldn't change that for anything. I loved growing up in NY and I LOVE living in KY. I just wish they weren't 12 hours by car or $250 by air.

I love my time with Chris' family. I just wish it could be the same with my own. Sisters are great (and I am so, so lucky to have one only 1 mile away!). Mother's in law are wonderful (praise God, mine is amazing and treats me so sweetly). But nothing compares to your own mom.

Having Jacob has helped me start to "get" my mom more. You know what I mean...those crazy mom quirks they all have that kinda drive you nuts, until you have your own child and you understand why they want to know what your plans are for every single day of the week. :-)

I love you mom, I miss you, and I can't wait for you to come see Jacob soon! I can't wait till it is your turn to giggle and coo, kiss, and smooch, and talk about all the wacky Ruth and Anderson family mannerisms he has!

I work in the world of broken homes and families when I go to work Monday through Wednesday. How blessed am I to have one amazing family?

"Thank you, God for my family, my husband's family, and for all the ways they bless us beyond belief. Thank you for the family my son is a part of. Thank you, that we are all a part of your family. Please God, help me never take them for granted. Oh, and God? Could you please bring my mom to me soon? I miss her. Amen."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chris is Preparing to Face a Giant

As many of you know, Chris accepted a promotion at work earlier this spring to become a team lead in another purchasing department at his company. He has really been excited about the chance to tackle this new challenge. He'll be purchasing new things, working with new customers, and supervising a team of five. Sounds great, right?

Then the e-mails began... Here are just a few quotes from the e-mails he has received from fellow co-workers:
  • "You think your hair is thin just wait."
  • "There's no telling what you're stepping in to."
  • "Are you scared?"
  • "Bill (the current team lead in this department) keeps telling me he can't wait to get out of there."
  • "I don't want to run you off, but................"

First of all, what on earth would possess someone to write these things to him? Secondly, Chris has handled all of this with such grace. I told him the other day that I didn't want him to take the position. I don't want him to end up miserable and hating his job...he enjoys what he does right now. In my weakness, I told him no promotion is worth it to deal with such a mess. He just says he is ready to face the challenge and that we'll just need to diligently pray about his success there. It is his decision, but admittedly, I have secretly held onto my doubts in my heart and allowed the worry to fester. Not good!

Then Chris heard from a good friend of ours, Scott. Scott is a source of a great deal of encouragement to Chris. Here is what Scott told Chris when he shared with him the number of negative e-mails he has been receiving:

"Successful people look at difficult situations as opportunities. What glory would there be in David slaying a 3 foot midget? He saw it as an opportunity to bring glory to God!"

Thank you, Scott, for bringing encouragement to my heart and to my husband. He is so right! What would have been the big deal if little, tiny David had slayed a midget? No, God gave him a giant to slay, and when he did, it brought such awesome glory to God through it!

Please pray for Chris. His training has begun and he moves permanently into the position on June 29. Chris is preparing to face his giant and we can only pray that he will slay this giant and bring glory to God!

I love you, husband! You make me so proud!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

True Toddler Delight

God has really been reminding me this week just how blessed I am with my husband and son. Gosh, I miss their sweet faces on the days I work and I love to hear and watch them play. Chris has such a way with Jacob...he always gets those giggles that come up from the tips of his toes. Such a wonderful sound; the laughter of your child. Such true delight, free from all worry or care!

Oh, how I wish that we could keep the ability to delight like a toddler with us all the days of our lives, but nobody knows how to delight better than a 13-18 month old! Jacob delights in everything: weeds, leaves, cracks in the sidewalk, hugs, teasing, bugs, cats, dogs, doing laundry. You name it, he knows how to delight in it! This morning, he delighted in helping mommy water the flowers outside before heading to church. Flowers need water to grow!

As a well prepared mommy, I snapped some shots of Jacob delighting in watering flowers!

There is water in this watering can!! Take note of the precious, sweet smile on his face. Such delight in such simple things!

Ooooo....WATER! Better investigate this with two hands!

Look! I can catch the water as it comes out the bottom of the hanging plant! (He also tried to "catch" the water in his watering can.)

Jacob is "watering" the monkey grass. He had the best time!

"Oh mommy, that can is just too big and heavy for you! Let me help you carry it!" (And he did...carried it all the way back in the house for me!)

Jacob was such a joy this morning while we watered the plants. He had so much "toddler delight" while watering that he even threw a "toddler tantrum" when we had to come back inside. Needless to say, he had a blast and went to church a bit damp this morning. I had to tell the nursery workers so they wouldn't think his diaper had leaked!

Such delight and pure joy as he discovers his world. Little does he know that as he delights in his world around him, he brings such delight to his mommy and daddy! Perhaps Chris and I can capture the delight of a toddler and begin to experience it again through the eyes of Jacob. Do you think God delights in his children (even the grown up ones) the way we delight in our own? I think He does.

~"A glad heart makes a cheerful face..."~ Proverbs 15:13

Friday, June 5, 2009

Splish, Splash, Jacob's Takin' a Bath....

As I mentioned in a previous post, we bought Jacob a small wading pool to use outside on the patio this summer. He loves it!

The first day we had it, he didn't get much time to play in it till it was later in the evening and the patio was no longer in the sun. This did not stop Jacob! What we thought was going to just amount to a fun time of "checking out the pool" turned into a full out soak fest.

Hmmmm....this isn't too cold....

Check out how much water I can splash out! (Yes, he is still wearing his socks and yes, they are so wet you can see his skin through them!)

This picture doesn't do justice to just how soaked he was! P.S. I know this section is underlined and I cannot for the life of me figure out why or how to make it go away! My novice blogger skills are showing!

We finally just stripped him down and threw him in. Even the giant, bloated diaper didn't slow him down! He loved it!

We love and miss everyone very much!

The Nutritional Value of Corn

Tell me, what exactly is the nutritional value of corn? I am curious because our child seems to enjoy it a great deal. It seems as though it cannot be of tremendous nutritional value, but I could be wrong!

Today Jacob ate his lunch. All of it. This is a massive victory as meal time has been quite a battle since Tuesday. I was starting to get concerned our guy might waste away to nothing! We had a meatloaf TV dinner (bleh!) and he LOVED it! His favorite part appeared to be the corn, but he did eat the whole thing. Jacob earned a cookie, code word Sweet Gold (you cannot say the word anymore...he knows what and where they are and all meal eating is out the window if you dare utter the word). This was a big deal. Jacob has not earned a cookie since Monday!

I asked God to help me grow in my ability to reflect Him recently. Apparently my lessons are beginning in the patience department. Meal time is dreaded time for me right now. I guess he knew I had a headache today and just wasn't up for a big battle over food.

A successful meal in our house these days is worth documenting. I was so excited I snapped a few pictures. See below:

Jacob is pointing to the corn. He wanted the corn over anything else he had on his plate!

Jacob is signing please for the corn he just pointed to. He needs help maneuvering this into his mouth.

Jacob is feeding himself with his utensils. This big bite is mashed potatoes. It was successful feeling himself today. Only one glop of potatoes went overboard. Not bad. Oh, and yes, that is gravy that is on his forehead and in his hair.

Jacob has one gigantic bite of "Sweet Gold" in his mouth and he is showing off the next big bite he plans to eat. He asked for a second cookie today. While I was horribly tempted because he had done such a great job eating, I did end up telling him no.

Jacob is signing "all done." Lunch is over, he is finished eating, all cleaned up, and ready to get out of the chair. Well done, little man!
I marvel each day over how much our son has grown in these last 14 months. I fail to marvel over how much Chris and I have grown in the last 14 months as parents. We are reminded each day of hard work, dedication, the importance of consistency, the place for forgiveness, the need for love, and most of all God's amazing grace.

Parenting a son to become a man of God is no small task, but we do not do it alone. Chris and I are memorizing this Scripture this week and it is an excellent reminder: "What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31. We battle each day with the sin in our son's heart and the sin in our own hearts and some days it seems like an uphill, impossible battle. But as long as God is with us, no sin is too mighty for us to overcome. Not even Jacob's sinful stubbornness and refusal to eat. Jacob ate corn today. Regardless of what the nutritional value is, he ate corn. Praise God for this victory!