Sunday, November 13, 2011


I haven't blogged in a looonnngggg time! Time gets away from me when I have my hands full to the brim with so much wonderful goodness each day!

In the last week a friend of mine from college gave birth to her first daughter, Emma Grace. Emma spent twenty minutes on this earth, in her mommy's arms, before she went home to meet Jesus. Seeing my friend go through this with such grace and faith in the Lord has really been encouraging to me. It has also given me so much perspective.

I spilled my coffee in my lap. I ruined my favorite blouse in the wash. I changed 13 disgusting poopy diapers today. The kids tore up my magazine before I got to read it. I burned dinner. My kids fought with me or didn't nap as I wanted them to. All of these things would rank on a list of "bad day" items and many of us would ask for a "re-do." But then I started thinking about my friend who is leaving the hospital without her sweet baby tucked snuggly into her carseat in the back of the car. How she would LOVE to change 13 disgusting diapers, have a horrible nap day, not get to read her magazine, burn dinner because the kids were distracting her.... It is all about perspective. My bad day would equal a dream come true to her. Talk about a convicting attitude adjustment for me!

Since I've had a bit of a perspective change this week, I wanted to thank God for the very things I most often whine or complain about. :-)

Jacob, my buddy, my right hand man, my smarty pants. I love my Jacob, his inquisitive mind, his thoughtful ways, his eagerness to learn. Recently Jacob and I have been having wonderfully deep thought provoking conversations about Jesus. I thank God that I get to be his mommy and watch him tuck truths about the Lord into his sweet, three and a half year old heart! How I long to see the day Jacob declares Jesus is Lord!

GRACEMy sweet little Gracie Beth. What a fun little personality you are developing! You love to copy and mimic and are discovering all that you can do with your throat, voice, and face! You are my sweet, contemplative, petite little girl. You are so reserved and quietly take it all in, following your brothers where ever they might lead. I pray one day you will follow a Christian husband as sweetly and lovingly as you follow your brothers today. I see your wheels turning, little girl, and I pray that one day all of this talk with make sense in your mind and you will know who is the Giver of Life.

JOSHUAJoshua, my big man, crazy man, silly boy, and fearless one. Joshua, you are full of courage and trust. You are my true example of how to live life with full abandon--happy and free--filled to the brim with joy. You march to your own beat and explore all that God created with complete joy and freedom. You are curious to your own demise. Nothing compares to walking into your room with you jumping happily in your bed, facing the door, happily waiting and jabbering for someone to come set you free from your crib! Oh Joshua, how I pray that one day your will tame your reckless abandon and harness your curiosity and funnel it all into leading others to know and love Christ. What a leader you will be one day if you are able to do this!

Thank you, Lord for trusting me with these.....