Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We love our Aunties and are so glad we get to visit every so often!  Wish we did it more often...

Stop It!

There has been waaaayyyyyyyyy too much growing up going on in the Burri Residence recently.  This mama cannot stand it!

Joshua and Grace are now 18 months old.  EIGHTEEN months!  That is one and a half!  Almost to two!  When did that happen?!  They moved up from the nursery wing at church to the preschool wing.  Big kids!

Joshua got his first big boy hair cut from Daddy recently.  He really seemed to like it and handled it so much better than Jacob ever did at this age!

I think he thought the clippers felt funny!

The "after" shot.  WOW.  Big boy with big baby blues!  Look out world!

Jacob and I started another year of AWANA a couple weeks ago.  He is in year two of Cubbies and I am starting my fourth year with helping in the Puggles class (2 year olds).  For those who don't know, Chris and I have also been blessed to take on teaching the 2 year old Sunday School class each week at church.  Wow....do they have a lot of energy, but wow, are we going to be so blessed to watch them grow this year!  Every week is so much fun!

He wins the "most handsome Cubbie" award in my book!  So proud of him and all the Scripture he memorizes each week!

Hard to imagine that this time next year I'll have two more Puggles in this photo and in my class!  We love AWANA!

Of course, the growth that has really been a show stopper has been the fact that Jacob started Pre-K at Trinity Christian Academy!  He goes three days a week for three hours in the morning and he loves it.  In fact, he told me he loves it more than anything!  I think he is truly disappointed that he only gets to go three days a week!  There is a car line and you can drop them off there or walk them in.  They sit in fellowship hall until 8:25 when the teachers come and pick up each one of the classes.  We walked him in the first day (of course) and then I thought for sure I should walk him in the second day.  Well, I walked him in, but he definitely didn't want me to.  He said, "Mommy...you just drop me off here, I walk through these doors, go to my left and into the door with the cross, go into the fellowship, and sit in the front row!  Then my teacher comes!  I know what to do!"  Not sure if Mommy will drop him in the car line alone on day three or not.....  Needless to say, I've been feeling rather nostalgic recently.  How did he get this big?

So excited for the first day of Pre-K at Trinity Christian Academy!

He was beyond excited the first day!  He jumped out of bed and was ready to go!

As our family has grown, I've noticed I find myself saying things more frequently about, "how did we get here?" or "it happened so fast!"  Seriously kiddos, I love you, and I want you to grow, but boy oh boy...seeing each of you spread your sweet wings sure does tug at a mama's heart strings!  Stop growing up so fast!