Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Camping We Will Go!

Groceries purchased--Check
Baby Bathed--Check
Cookies Baked--Check
Laundry washed, folded, and put away--Check
Dishes done--Check
Cat has enough food for three days--Check
Nap for child--Check
Run to bank--Check
Pack food, clothing, gifts, toys, baby gear, and basically my whole house into three gigantic plastic tubs--Check, Check, Check!

Then yup, we must be ready to go camping!

We head out this evening to IN to camp with both my sisters and their families. Can't wait to see my nephews, have some much needed family time, and enjoy the outdoors.

Please pray for safe travels, great weather, and that most of all, we will glorify God in all we do! I'll post pictures when we get back!

Oh, and I thought of another Jacob-ism. Snack=nan, nagn, or na-na!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Jacob's vocabulary and expressions seem to change daily. I thought I would document a few of them here for you.

  • When offered some food and takes a bite: "mmmmmm!"
  • When something is lost or missing: hands raised, palms facing out, then exclaims, "there it is!" He doesn't really say, there it is. It's like one whole word, but the voice inflection is dead on.
  • Ball=Boll
  • When pulling into the softball field: "Dada, bee bow?"
  • Blankie=Bee or Muh-Bee (my blankie)
  • Good night=Nigh Nigh? (Everything seems to be a question).
  • Good bye= Buh bye!
  • When waking up in the morning we usually hear: "Nigh, nigh? Buh bye! Boll....bee bow!"

That is all that comes to mind for now. I will add more if I think of them!

Friday, July 24, 2009

E-Mail Notifications

For those of you who are trying to keep up with our blog and are curious how to receive e-mail notification when new posts are added, I think (I don't know for sure, but you can give it a whirl) that if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the blog page, you can click on subscribe to posts. That should allow you to receive e-mail notification. Not 100% sure, but worth a shot!

Love and miss everyone!

Redneck Haircut

Jacob got his first redneck haircut last weekend! Up until now, I have just been trimming his hair with scissors while he plays in the tub. There hasn't really been much hair to trim, so it wasn't a big deal. But, the older he gets, the more we are starting to realize he needs "real" haircuts now. "Real," meaning, a real redneck haircut. Who needs fancy barbers? The kid is 1 and a half. Surely we can do this!

So we bought a decent set of clippers at Target. I guess that means it wasn't a total redneck haircut...we would've needed to buy them at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Tree to make it redneck through and through. Ha, ha!

Anyhow, we bought some clippers and gave it a whirl. All in all, Jacob did well. He wasn't too thrilled about the noise or the vibration on his head, but hopefully over time he won't be too bothered by it anymore.

We were a little cautious on cut #1. We used the longest guard and only did the back and sides, leaving the top as is. It is always easier to cut more frequently than to try to paste hair back on!

To make it even more redneck, we stripped him down naked, strapped him into his booster seat, and put the whole display out on the patio for all to see. Jacob cried some, but not much, and kept yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" I am sure the neighborhood thought we were abusing him.

Enjoy the photo journalism below....

Just trying to get him used to hearing the sound of the clippers and being strapped into his chair. Note the look of anxiety and trepidation on his face.

One of the first cuts. Oh boy! No backing out now!!

Jacob screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" I am sure he was also saying something along the lines of, "put the camera down you crazy woman and save me!"

The finished product!

A sweet tasty reward for tolerating such abuse.

16 Months!

Dear Jacob-Boy,
Happy 16 month old birthday, sweet baby Jacob! You have brought us more joy in the past 16 months than you will ever understand (well, you will understand one day, when you have children of your own). Nothing prepared us for the love that would overflow as we continue to watch you grow. You are an independent, silly, compassionate, sweet little toddler and we love you!

Have a special day today, son, and may God's hand of protection always be around you. We pray one day you will be so blessed with a son such as you.

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Softball Hero

Let me begin this blog by correcting an error I made in my previous "Softball Family" post. Ashland Avenue Baptist Church has never won the church league tournament before. We came oh so close, but lost in the final game to Southside Church of Christ to take 2nd place in the tournament. I apologize for you followers out there who noted my error.

Moving on......

The tournament came to a close late last night. Amidst one of the busiest weeks ever in the life of our church (Vacation Bible School week), our softball men have been cracking bats and making us proud.

They played Monday night in a late evening game that, I am told, was quite the nail biting game, with Ashland narrowly escaping defeat and coming out on top by one point. My wonderful softball hero caught the game ending out in the game Monday night. I missed it. I had to teach Foster Parent classes that night, so Jacob was home with Auntie Fred, Chris was at the ball park, and I was at work. Chris was pretty keyed up Monday night when he got home!

Last night, Jacob and I had to work the nursery at VBS. Again, our men were off making us proud on the softball diamond. They played game #1 at 8:00PM. If they won that game, they moved on to the tournament championship game at 9:00PM. As all the proud softball wives were bustling out of the church at the close of VBS around 8:40PM last night the buzz was all about whether or not anyone had received an update from their darling hubby as to what was going on in game #1. None had heard, so off we drove to the ball park (about 30 minutes from the church, unfortunately) hoping when we got there, we'd get to see our men play in the championship game.

Our hopes came true! I know very little of the details of game #1, but I do know what matters, and that is that they won! You can imagine we were quite the scraggly crew in the stands at 9:00PM. The majority of us had come straight to VBS from working all day, had attempted to shove food into the mouths of our children at some point in time in between events, and worked VBS from about 5:30PM till 8:40PM. Our kids were pooped, worn out, and totally overstimulated for one day! It was well past my child's bedtime when I pulled out of the parking lot of the church to go to the game, but it didn't matter. It isn't everyday that our softball heroes got to play in the tournament championship. So there we were, making some noise for our men, and praying this year we would know the excitement of victory, rather than the bitterness of defeat.

We started the game with a comfortable lead, but somewhere around the 4th or 5th inning, the opposing team started to pick up some steam, found a hole in our defense, and started to close the gap in the score. Needless to say, as our fears mounted of yet another year of being 2nd best and experiencing our first loss of the season in the tournament closer, we wives got LOUDER! Apparently that worked because our softball heroes stepped up to the plate, swung their bats, and made us proud....ending the game in the 6th inning with the mercy rule (a ten run lead!).

Go Ashland Avenue Baptist Church! You made your softball wives and families very proud! And yet again........I forgot my camera! I so hope one of the wives is kind enough to share copies of the photo she took with the men gathered proudly around their trophy!

Wish you all could have been there. Perhaps we take our softball just a wee bit too seriously at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church....but it sure is fun!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kissing Pavement

It has been a while since this one happened, but I couldn't leave it out of the blog!

We were playing outside with the neighbor's daughter and they were chasing each other. They would occasionally get close to the street and we would corral them back in. Well, one time we didn't get to them quickly enough and Jacob stepped off the curb. He was caught off guard with the step down and fell forward, smacking the asphalt with his forehead. The photo below was taken a day or two afterward, but there was still a rather pretty mark to tell the tale. We had to go to the pediatrician for his 15 month well baby check the day after this photo was taken. Yeah....explain THAT one to your pediatrician!

Softball Family

We are baseball fans in our house! Jacob recognizes baseballs and will say "beh-bow" when we pull into the parking lot at the baseball diamond. He loves watching his Daddy play in the church softball league. Here are some shots from the summer of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church softball...there are still a few games left. Will we remain undefeated and steal the tourney title back??

Daddy and Jacob after another big win!

Jacob and Chris sporting their matching Ashland Avenue Baptist Church shirts! Soooo cute!

The Burri checking out the competition for the next tourney game!

Go Ashland Avenue Baptist Church!!

We hope you are enjoying your summer and we also hope your summer has involved some of America's past-time. We love it!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holy Molars!

Jacob's little mouth has been in overdrive the last week or so! He has been miserable and rightly so!

Holy moley (or holy molars) he is cutting FOUR new teeth all that the same time! This will explain the pools of drool I have been finding in his bed after naps and the stopped up nose (not to mention the 'tude lately)!

After being bitten more than once, something possessed me to put my finger in his mouth one more time yesterday. I am nuts. Lucky for me, he didn't bite this time. On the top right there is a molar that has just one corner broken through the gum. On the bottom right and top and bottom left, you can feel those big 'ole molars pushing hard against the gums trying hard to break through. Jacob is getting big boy teeth!

So, if you have been keeping track, the one that has broken through brings the pearly white tally up to eight and when the remaining three break through, we'll be up to eleven teeth!

Pray for easy teething for Jacob. I have heard the molars are really tough on them and I am seeing first hand that the rumors do seem to be true. Pray for low pain and for Mommy and Daddy to be sensitive to his needs and make sure he has medicine for pain when needed!

Oh, and please help me remember I have teeth in the BACK of the mouth I need to brush....not just the front anymore! :-)

Neighbor Praise Report

For those of you keeping up with our outreach to our neighbors, we have a huge praise report! Last week we chatted quite a bit with them and were able to invite them to attend our church's giant Stars and Stripes celebration on Sunday, the 5th.

Honestly, by the way they reacted to our invitation, I just thought they were being polite and would not come. Praise God, He has other plans!!

They ran into Chris on Monday evening outside and said they had come (there were about 2,000 people there, so Chris didn't get to see them there) and that they had a wonderful time! Praise God they got to come, enjoy our church's outreach, and since we know they were there the whole time, we know they at least heard Pastor David present the Gospel!

We continue to pray that we will continue to build this relationship with them and eventually be able to invite them back to church with us. Please continue to pray alongside us. God is hearing and He is answering!

Sickness, Please Leave Our House!

We have been a sickly little household this past week! Last week, Chris came down with strep throat. Then Monday night I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible chills, fever, and horrendous sore throat. I self-diagnosed myself with strep, too, since all of my symptoms matched Chris' to the T. Lucky me, I had an unused antibiotic and got to start that right away. It was even the exact same Rx Chris had gotten for his strep, so mine seems to be clearing up rather well. Had to stay home from work yesterday (BLEH), but feeling much better now. This morning Jacob was running a temp, too, so I packed him off to the pediatrician. Ears looked good, chest sounded fine, and test for strep was negative, so who knows what he has. The doctor said to just watch it and if it gets worse to bring him back in.

All I have to say is.......Sickness....BE GONE!

15 Month Check Up!

This is a little late, but we took Jacob for his fifteen month check-up last week on Thursday, July 2. We didn't learn anything new about him. He is tall, skinny, and has a pretty big head!!

I don't have all the exact numbers because I shut the "book" in his room with him and he is napping, so my estimates will have to do. He weighed 24 pounds and 2 ounces (I think) which put him in the 50th percentile for weight. He is in the 80th percentile for height (where did that come from....not his parents!). He is in the 82nd percentile for head circumference.

He was a brave boy getting his shots! Screamed for the MMR booster, but the nurse warned that that was the one that really stings. Was done crying quickly and got his first lollipop as a reward. Big, brave, boy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, friends and family! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. More than anything, I hope you remembered that this wasn't just another reason for some time off work, but that we were celebrating the birthday of freedom in our country! Praise God for our service men and women!

Fourth of July in the Burri residence started AND ended more with a thud, than with the bang of fireworks.

Saturday, the fourth, we planned to take Jacob to the park, feed the ducks, play on the playground, and have a family picnic. Jacob wanted nothing to do with it. We got to the park, he refused to be set down to play, wouldn't even swing with us holding him, and was only moderately amused by the ducks. Our trip to the park ended with Jacob laying on the pavement in the parking lot and Chris and I walking away. He eventually got up and walked to the car....screaming bloody murder the whole way. Our picnic was eaten at home, in our kitchen.

Later on Saturday we had planned a good ole American cookout. Grilled burgers, corn on the cob, and fruit. I was filled with anticipation that we could redeem our shot at having a wonderful 4th of July together as a family and even pondered eating it outside, picnic style! It rained. Hard. We had dinner at good ole American Cracker Barrel instead and I still have corn on the cob in my fridge I had better cook soon before it goes bad.

Sunday, the fifth, our church was hosting an amazing event for the community. Free food, free music, games for the kiddos, and best of all....a spectacular fireworks display. Likely the best I've ever seen.

Chris got to go. I didn't.

It is 7:45 on Sunday evening. My husband is off eating free food at the church and I am home with a toddler who had to go straight to bed at 7pm because he had completely lost all self control. Sending your kids to bed without a fun activity is a great idea...except that means at least one parent has to miss out on the fun activity too.

I don't know what is wrong with him. He had a rough time napping this afternoon and woke up twice, which he rarely does. He has been horribly fussy and clingy and wouldn't even go to Chris. We finally had him all dressed and thought we were going to head out the door to the church event and make a go at it with him when I made the mistake of going to the restroom. Jacob came completely unglued and that was the straw that broke the camels back. I just couldn't risk taking him out in public to put on a spectacle of behavior and have to deal with him alone (Chris was signed up to volunteer at one of the stations at the event). Nope. Just couldn't do it. So off came the clothes we had just put on, on went the PJ's, and straight to bed went Jacob. I haven't heard much from him since, so that must be what he needed. All that being said...I was admittedly a bit nervous about facing a crowd of about 2,000 alone with a toddler who didn't want to stay in his stroller alone (and perhaps even harbored a small bit of dread inside), but I WAS truly looking forward to the fireworks display. Who knows what the issue is. Teething? Reaction to immunizations? Sick? I don't know.

Well, while all my local friends and family are off enjoying such an amazing gift our church is offering them, I guess I had better go fix that corn on the cob that is in my fridge and at least give myself a small taste of the tradition fourth of July.

Hope yours went out with a bang and not a thud.

P.S. Through it all (my anger, impatience, frustration, and utter disappointment) my husband sweetly reminded me that at least I am a child of God and that is all that matters. He's right. There will be fireworks next fourth of July. My eternal state with God is far more important than all that.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chris is Sick

This is Chris' first week in his new position and he is feeling overwhelmed already by the vast number of things he has to keep up with. Not a good time to get sick, right? Well, he is.

He's been running a low fever and complaining of muscle aches and pains. His throat started to hurt yesterday morning and got progressively worse throughout the day.

Somehow I managed to convince him to go see the doctor about it and he went first thing this morning at 8 (after going in to work at 6:15 so he wouldn't have to miss too much time for the appointment). The doctor checked him all out and the verdict is strep throat. He got sent straight home. No work until he has been on antibiotics for twenty four hours.

Not a good time for him to have to miss work, especially since this is already a short work week with the holiday.

Please pray for a speedy recovery for Chris and for continued health for both Jacob and I! We definitely don't want to spend the 4th of July as a miserable sick family!

Prayers are Paying Off!

Your prayers are working! You will remember a few weeks ago I asked you all to be in prayer for our neighbors. Chris and I have really wanted to be a lot more deliberate in building our relationship with them.

I wanted to post an update to let you know that your prayers for a growing relationship are being answered in a mighty way!

A couple weeks ago we found out that our neighbor had surgery and had to stay off her feet for a few days. This was an outstanding opportunity for me to put my culinary skills to use and prepare a meal for them. Let's just say, when I took it to drop it off....well....this must have been the first time they'd ever had someone prepare a meal for them. They were so shocked and thankful. It was a great time for us to reach out to them and give them a note to let them know we are praying for them!

About a week after I delivered the meal, they returned my tupperware with a truly heartfelt thank you note. You could tell the meal really meant a lot to them. This, of course, allowed even more time for us to visit with them.

This summer has been great. We have been able to play a lot with Jacob outside and he just thinks their daughter is the best thing ever, so they will play and chase each other all around. Last night while the kids were playing, we were able to invite them to join us at the big 4th of July celebration we are having a church and they did seem to be genuinely interested in coming.

I just wanted to update all you prayer warriors out there. Please keep praying for their minds to be open and for our relationship to continue to grow; that we might be able to share the gospel with them!