Friday, March 29, 2013


It has been a long time since I took the time to write out some of my favorite "isms" of Joshua and Grace.  As chief toddler translator I feel pretty satisfied with my fluency in their language, though I must admit, there are times I have to ask a couple times and still just have to say, "Oh really?!  Wow!" and shamefully shake my head thinking I have no clue what my child just said to me.  I love the development of language.  I love the little things they say and I miss them when they replace them with the "right" combination of words.  I love to see their little brains working as they communicate and I LOVE that crying is no longer our primary mode of communication (though it definitely is still secondary.....a very close second, I might add).  I find so much freedom when they come to me crying and I can kneel down and ask them to stop crying and tell me with words.  And oh the words they will say!

There is something so unique about the way Joshua speaks.  He has this lilt and rhythm to his speech that is so unlike any of our other children.  He is deliberate with his words and often pauses between them to find just the right word to say.  He is very expressive.
  • Probably my current absolute favorite of his: Hold it back!  Hold it back means, pick it up with your hands.  When I feed him PB & J he will tell me, "hold it back, Mom!"
  • Run ex-a-ater!  This means will you please drive by the excavators.
  • Oshua!  This is how he says his name, Joshua.
  • Hey Mom!  Pretty self explanatory there, but he loves to say it to get my attention and I MUST respond!
  • Do this!=I can do it myself.
  • Es.  Joshua adds "es" on to the end of anything he wants to make plural.  Right now some of my favorites include: blockses, eyeses, ballses.  So cute!

There is nothing unexpected about Grace's language development, though it is soooooooooooo different to me as compared to our boys!  Grace has LOTS to say, when the boys just say a few things about something, she'll carry on a long conversation about it.  She has a sweet, nurturing tone to her voice already and will speak sweetly to babies, baby dolls, toys, etc.  She also knows how to use her voice to tattle on her brothers when they may have poked her one too many times.  Yes, little girls definitely know how to express displeasure!
  • Color paper=I'd like to color on paper with crayons, please!  (This is one of Grace's most favorite activities).
  • Uhhhhhh...hansonbed! = What happens when you disobey?  Hands on bed!
  • Oh my gosh, rejoice! =This is her version of one of the songs we sing during worship.  The real words are "Oh my soul, rejoice."
  • Mommmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! This one is pretty self explanatory, too, but she will do this, loudly, until I respond.  When I ask her what she needs she will usually respond with, "Oh, I see cars (or whatever else she sees out the window--we usually play this game in the car)!
  • Cupisome or Upisome=May I have a cup, please or will you pick me up, please?
  • Right back a minute!= I'll be right back in just a minute!
As is always the case when I sit down to write these down, I forget all of them!  I know there are I think of them, I will add!

By the way, when doing a post on toddler isms, spell check will hate you.

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