Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sleep Over for Gracie!

Tonight is the night!  It is Gracie's turn for her first ever overnight stay at Grandmama's house!  She woke up and told me she was excited and she was pleased as punch to drag her luggage around the house.  Not sure what she'll make if it tonight, but I hope and pray she loves this time of pampering with her Grandmama!  This is her FIRST overnight stay with Grandmama, her FIRST overnight away from Mommy and Daddy (sniff!), and her FIRST overnight away from her twin brother (unless you count the time Joshua had surgery when they were about 6 weeks old).  It is a big day for Miss Gracie Beth!

So excited! 

She is a typical girl.  She does not pack light!

All loaded up in Grandmama's car, hugs 'n kisses, given, settled in with a book, and ready to go!  FUN!

I've had one report so far today from Grandmama that Grace is loving her time.  She got to go eat lunch at a restaurant with Great Grandmama Kay and apparently she was not shy about displaying her appetite (apparently McKinney makes a mean grilled cheese!).  Now she's napping and I have no idea what is in store for the rest of the day, but I am sure it will be lots of sweet, girlie fun with Grandmama!  So thankful she gets to make sweet memories like this!

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