Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Miss

It became apparent to me yesterday that miss Gracie Beth seemed to need a little one on one time with Mommy.  We've always made a point to have alone time with Jacob since the twins were born, but honestly, until now, Grace and Joshua were just too young to really know the difference.  For various reasons I could just see the glint in her eyes that she needed some of Mommy's special attention.  So I kicked the boys out of the kitchen (I think she felt really special when I shooed Joshua away on more than one occasion, saying it was special time for just Mommy and Gracie) and we decided to treat Daddy (and the neighbor) with some cookies!

Little Miss Gracie Beth, with your sweet curly piggies, I'm so glad we did this together.  We talked...

and stirred....

and scooped (I will miss it when you don't fit UNDER the cabinets anymore).
Hope you enjoy your cookies, Daddy!  Gracie and I sure had fun baking them for you!

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