Monday, June 29, 2015

ENT, Runaway Strollers, and First Haircuts

It is Monday today and we kicked the week off right with an appointment at the ENT to follow up on Hannah's tubes that were placed at the time of her lip repair.  We never actually met the ENT due to the timing of our surgery.  We met the resident who placed them the morning of the surgery, but never the primary physician overseeing the resident.  We weren't too concerned since tubes are a pretty routine procedure and not all that complicated.  We were so focused on the lip repair that day that it didn't matter.  Well, today was our follow up for the tubes.  As expected, it was anticlimactic and a generally useless appointment.  We also met the primary physician.  Guess what?  I didn't like him.  At all.  No pleasantries, no bedside manner, no nothing.  He spent all of thirty seconds with us and didn't do much to explain why her ear was bleeding fresh blood last week.  But, it is all okay because it is his last week at the clinic!  A new doctor is coming and hopefully we will like him better!  If not, we will return to the first ENT we visited.  We really liked the first ENT, but wanted the tubes placed in conjunction with her lip repair so we had to use a doctor through the hospital for that to happen.  She is supposed to go back in 6 months for a follow up and a hearing test, but this isn't the best part of our trip to UK today.  Things were far more eventful just prior to our appointment in the parking garage.

When we go to the Clinic we have to park in a large structure and then walk a fair distance to get to all the various clinics where she has been seen for appointments.  I use the stroller to get in and out of the appointments with her since it is too far for her to walk quickly.  Today, as I always have, I got the stroller out, set the brake, and loaded her up.  Only our stroller's brake is not always reliable and doesn't always fully catch.  I loaded her up and went up to the passenger door to get the diaper bag and her cup only to turn around and see her speeding off down the parking garage ramp!  Zing!  Just like that and she was off to the races!  The further she went, the faster she got, all the while she is shouting, "MA!  Mama!"  Like, "Hey lady, I'm rolling away here!  Do something about it!"  So off I go, in the race to catch the stroller before she gets to the bottom of the ramp.  Did I mention our appointment was at the crack of dawn?  The parking structure was like Grand Central Station.  And who actually drives s-l-o-w in a parking garage?  She was getting close to the corner and I just knew a car was going to come speeding around the curve and smash into her.  Heart in my throat I had to sprint to catch her, and I did, just as a car was rounding the curve.  Thankfully they were going a decent speed and stopped well back from the runaway stroller and I.  In the moment it was awful and I was so terrified she was going to get hit.  After the fact?  Oh my word I cannot stop laughing about the sight of that stroller zipping down the ramp and hearing her silly voice yell "MA!" at me.  Once I caught her and knew she was safe I laughed like a lunatic the whole way into the clinic.  Oh my...what a start to the day.

After we successfully survived the ENT appointment and managed to load into the car without further runaway stroller incidents, I took Little Miss for her first haircut.  I never did this with Grace since her hair grew in nicely, but in China they buzz their little heads for a long time and keep their hair as short as possible.  Hannah's hair has grown a ton since we got home, but it was really just sort of all over the place.  I didn't want it cut shorter, but it really just needed to be shaped and tamed a little as it continues to grow in.  She cried, I held her, we survived, and it looks better, too! 

So......just a regular start to the week for us--runaway strollers and all!

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