Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vacation is a Wonderful Thing!

This is the view from the pool over Kentucky Lake. Oh, I could so get used to seeing God's gorgeous creation like this every single day!

Jacob and Chris are set to go for a hike. This was Jacob's first ride in the pack. It went well...sort of. Jacob was ready to get out when we'd made it to the close of the hike!

A hard day of vacationing for a little guy. All that sun and pool time just wears him right out!

My ever necessary "photo by the sign." I wanted one desperately of us by the sign stating we were at the Land Between the Lakes, but every time we drove by, Chris said, "we'll get it next time." Well, as we all know how that story goes...we didn't get the photo. Fortunately we were out for a leisurely stroll one morning and I at least got to snap one by our resort sign!

Jacob getting splashed down into the pool. He thought this game was quite fun!

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