Saturday, May 28, 2011

Becoming a Boy

We've begun the path toward boyhood in our home. Farewell toddler...hello little boy.

If any of you know Jacob even the tiniest bit, you know what a treasured possession his "B" has been to him. "B" has carried Jacob through many events in his little life: separation anxiety, stitches, shots, doctor trips, car rides, airplane flights, overnights, boo boos, hurts, fears, the arrival of twins....the list could go on and on. "B" became an important part of life extremely early; somewhere around three months of age. Jacob named "B" within in weeks of starting to talk.

Today is a momentous day. Today we said good-bye old friend and tucked sweet "B" away in Jacob's memory box. We'll save it for Jacob's little boy to have one day.

Earlier today this seemed like a great idea to Jacob. Put "B" away and go a whole week without it and earn a "boyhood excursion" with Daddy next week (aka putt putt and ice cream). Now, as nap time is in full swing, and the babies are crying in the room next door, the tears are flowing.

As a parent I know that I must stick to the plan. Jacob is a little boy who is BRAVE and STRONG and he does not need his "B." As a mommy I want nothing more than to get the soft blankie out of his memory box and return it to its rightful owner. As a mommy I want to go into a room and shed a few tears too because as I put that "B" away in that box today, I put away an era of Jacob's life. He isn't a baby anymore. He's a little boy. And it's all going way too fast. Goodbye thumb sucking, pudgy cheeked, snuggles in mommy's lap. Hello big boy hugs and annoyed kisses.

Jacob, I am not sure who is going to hurt more throughout this process, you or me nor am I sure who will shed more tears. But I do know this. I LOVE you and I cannot wait to see the boy and MAN God has created you to be. Remember your verse sweet boy: "Yes! Be bold and strong for remember, the Lord your God is with you where ever you go." And yes, God will be with you, even as we say good-bye to "B."

Farewell "B." It is time for Jacob to become a B-O-Y!

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