Thursday, April 19, 2012

Double to Love

One of my friends had this posted on their Facebook page and I liked it so much, I wanted to share. It is such a sweet (and true) sentiment.

There's two to wash, there's two to dry,

There's two who argue, there's two who cry.

One's in the mud having a ball,

The other holds a crayon, another marked wall.

Some days seem endless, my patience grows thin.

Why was I chosen to be a mother of twins?

The answer comes clear at the end of each day,

As I tuck them in bed and to myself say,

There's two to kiss, there's two to hug,

And best of all, there's two to love!


I've been having "those" kinds of days recently. If you're a mother, you know the kind I'm referring to. Those days you have to constantly tell yourself you are only in a season of life and like all seasons, it will eventually end. Not that I'm wishing the season away or anything, but man, two one year olds and a four year old certainly trumps last summer's experience of two infants and a three year old!

For example, today we went to the park. The sun was shining and mommy needed something to provide entertainment. The park was a perfect idea! Just getting out the door was an event....Jacob wanted his spiderman socks, not the perfectly good white socks he had on and was not content with the answer he was given, Grace was desperate to be held (she knows when we are getting ready to leave and she has a way of manipulating the situation to ensure SHE is the first to be loaded in the car, not the last), Joshua was doing I don't know what...some sort of writhing and twisting about while I was trying to put his shoes on (note to self: Joshua is NOT a great candidate for shoes that require tying of laces). Then I needed cups....cups for everyone (me, too!)! And hats.....hats for everyone! And sunglasses....sunglasses for everyone! And diapers....and wipes...for two! Oh, and it was just a touch chilly when we were getting ready to leave so we needed jackets....jackets for everyone! Jacob sweetly interrupted me somewhere between getting my OWN shoes and socks on to tell me that someone smelled stinky... All this while Grace shrieked in the highest pitch possible and paced around the house looking as pitiful as possible and Joshua finally caught on that we were leaving and determined that he would not be the last one to be loaded into the car either, so he securely attached himself to my leg and could only be removed surgically (or so it seemed) and Jacob decided Mom was distracted enough to re-engage in the great debate over the spiderman socks. PHEW! All this and we haven't even left yet! I'm pooped! Yes, one of "those" days. Do you follow?

In all this chaos (which frequently consumes my household), there is a mother who is like the little engine that could chugging along, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" only my tune sounds more like, "Don't grow weary in doing good, don't grow weary in doing good..." And yes, I do ask that question of God at times. Why me? Why twins? And I do remember....most often in those sweet, tender moments: a "Mommy, I just need to tell you something. I love you." from Jacob or a big gooey open mouthed kiss from Gracie or a super snuggle from Joshua. I remember when I see those sweet diapered butts stuck waaaaaaaaayyy up in the air and the room is filled with sounds of thumb and paci sucking or I see Jacob flopped every which way in his bed sweetly snoring. Why me? Oh I see. More to bring joy, more to bless, more to hold, more to love. Oh, thank you God for choosing ME. I am SO blessed.

Oh, and P.S. We did enjoy our trip to the park despite the event it was just to get out of the house. We enjoyed it so much so that I cleaned mulch out of both Joshua and Grace's diapers upon returning home.

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  1. I don't know how you do it.....
    ~Wendy (NY Wendy)