Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wild Man

I've been pondering my children recently and just thinking about WHO they really are...all God designed them to be. It is so amazing to me that I could give birth to three individuals (two of them twins) who are so drastically different from one another. I love what each one of them brings to our family and the dynamic each little addition adds.

Today I was thinking about Joshua and this picture of him popped into my mind. This picture...THIS is Joshua. See the pure glee on his face? See his hair standing on end? Notice the icing he has smashed into his hair or the icing also dripping off his lips? Check out the hands he's got slapped to the sides of his head and the pose he is striking. Yes, this...THIS is Joshua. Wild man and one hundred and fifty percent b-o-y!

How I love his giant buddha belly, desire to pound or smash every toy he touches, urge to plow through/over/under/on top of anything that gets in his way, ability to light up a room with is baby blues and bright smile, foot twitching/hand wringing excitement over food, the joy he finds in running, as fast as he can, always in the OPPOSITE direction of everyone else, and full, free abandon to enjoy life to the fullest! Yup, if I had no words and had to describe who Joshua is...this would be the picture I'd draw.

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  1. Love his little, I mean BIG, personality! :)