Thursday, January 17, 2013

Music for my Soul

Through the process of healing, many songs have brought me peace, comfort, and encouragement.  Many people have sent me songs to listen to and some of them I have just heard on KLOVE on the radio.  I thought I'd share some of the songs I have found especially meaningful to me through the last month.  Perhaps they will bring comfort to someone else.
Blessings by Laura Story
This has always been a favorite of mine at various times of trial and struggle in my life.  It took a new and different meaning for me now.
I Will Carry You by Selah
You should look up the documentary video on YouTube for the back story to this song.  This mom is an amazing woman and sings from her heart (and sadly from a deeply painful experience).  It is so powerful.
Better Than a Hallelujah by Amy Grant
This one just reminds me that being "real" with God is okay and so much better and more meaningful to Him than a "fake" praise.  He knows our hearts and wants us to share them with Him.
Need You Now by Plumb
It's right and good to have those times in life that you just tell Him how badly you need Him.
Not for a Moment by Meredith Andrews
It is so good to be reminded who He is and what His intentions are.

Hope these bring peace to you as well.  Really, take the time to listen to them.  You will be blessed.

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