Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall = Hiking!

Fall = hiking in the Burris home!  We love to get out and enjoy God's creation while the temperatures are just right in Kentucky.  Our family has been especially frazzled the last few weeks, so two weekends in a row with Daddy off work on Friday and family days spent hiking in the woods was definitely a much needed oasis for all of us!  We had a blast!

We kicked things off with our annual sojourn to Dog Slaughter Falls near Corbin, KY.  This year we decided to be bold and go backpack free!  Our little two and a half year olds walked their feet off and had a blast!  Two miles, round trip, pretty rough terrain, and they all did it with smiles on!  This was sort of a test run for us and their success has opened many doors to future hiking adventures now that we no longer have to "wear" them!

Jacob rapidly stepped up to the role of leader.  He led the way down the trail and would call out if we needed to carry Joshua and Grace over rough terrain or hold hands with them near edges of cliffs.  He did great!  We were so proud of him!
Joshua ate the whole thing up!  LOVED it.  We now call him "Captain Nature Boy."
Nothing better than the reward of the gorgeous falls at the bottom of the trail.  A quiet little spot where the kids can play in the stream and we can eat lunch.  We love it here.
Little Miss often runs out of steam on a simple walk around the block.  She amazed all of us with her hiking skills and happy attitude!  What a trooper!  Remember, she's little....those legs had to work extra hard!
Brothers, being brothers.  Love them!
We had so much fun on our trip to Dog Slaughter Falls that we just couldn't get enough.  Chris has put in long hours at work at the end of September and will be out of town at the end of October, so he decided some quality family time was in order.  He decided to take a second Friday off work in a row--a rare thing indeed!  We decided to get a little crazy and branch out this time, venturing off to Madison, Indiana to Clifty Falls.  It was worth it!  The drive alone was fantastic.  We took all country roads, through farms and itty bitty towns.  We saw numerous deer on the trip and lots of fantastic scenery.  I brought my Bible study to work on during the drive, thinking we were taking the interstate to get there.  When I realized our route was so picturesque I couldn't do anything but watch!  Dog Slaughter Falls had been about a half day trip (including travel time).  This time we pushed the kids to the max and did a full day trip.  We left our house around 9AM and got home sometime around 8PM or a little later.  We loved it so much, we are already excited to go back again and perhaps stay a night or two next time!  Madison is a great little town and the hiking was great!
This boy was ready to roll  When we told him it was time to go because it would be dark soon, he said, "But we're having so much fun!"  He was so right...
Daddy and daughter checking things out.
We found a hanging branch on one of the trails.  Made a fun swing for the "bigger boys."
My men.  I love them.
Taking a little rest on a log...don't fall in the stream, Joshua!
It turns out Jacob is rather handy with the camera!  A rare photo of Mommy and Daddy...TOGETHER!
Our family loves to get outside and hike together, exploring all God has created and given to us to enjoy.  There is nothing more refreshing than mud on your shoes, fresh air in your lungs, and a clear heart and mind walking in the woods.  Hope you've had time to enjoy His creation this fall, too!

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