Thursday, May 29, 2014


Chris and I had the chance to read through our home study last night and we had no suggested edits for our social worker.  We sent confirmation of our approval last night and then signed some forms this afternoon verifying that we were satisfied with the content.  Just now I got this in my e-mail from our social worker:

"Your Home Study, I800A, and supporting documents are in a FedEx drop box and will arrive in TX tomorrow! HOORAY!!"

There *may* have been a few cartwheels, clapping, whoops of joy, sighs of relief, and a few other embarrassing gestures of elation.  Just maybe.

Please join us in praying for an approval that occurs in the 50 day time frame they have seen recently, rather than the 90 days?  Pray for a favorable review and approval.

USCIS, here we come!!!


  1. Katrina, that is awesome and amazing!! I will keep the Burri Family in my prayers! :-) Come on 50 day time frame! <3 <3 :-D