Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Birmingham, Biometrics, and Waiting

I realized I never updated this, but our dossier arrived safely in Birmingham last week on Monday! 

On June 25th we had our biometrics appointment in Cincinnati.  It seemed like a lot of fuss and driving for very little fanfare.  We went to the federal building in downtown Cincinnati and went through security (funny with two three year olds and a six year old), then up to the sixth floor where Homeland Security was located.  It was kind of a disorganized place and not a super pretty waiting area.  No signs telling you what to do, but everyone seemed to know what they ought to do or where they ought to be, so we kind of shuffled along behind everyone else.  The blind leading the blind.  Once they realized we were there for adoption related business they seemed friendlier, or at least it seemed that way to me.  The kids weren't allowed to go back with us so they did each one of us separately.  It was just another set of fingerprints taken on a computer.  The man said I had "good prints, but dry hands."  He had to wet each one of my fingers to get them, but finally he got them.  Chris had no trouble at all.

After that, since we'd made the 1.5 hour trek up to Cincinnati, we decided not to let the day go to waste and spent the day at the zoo with the kids.  It was so much fun and much needed family time together!  We wore the kids out...about five hours of walking and they all fell asleep in the car on the ride home.  Major parenting accomplishment!

Now, we wait.......  Watching for that "magic" envelope to come from USCIS saying we've been approved!

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