Friday, June 20, 2014

Dossier Panic - Next Stop Birmingham!

I had a brief moment of dossier panic today.  I got online and checked our tracking number and it indicated our documents had been delivered via UPS ground at 8:39 this morning.  I checked the signature name and I did not recognize it, so I called our social worker.  No answer.  No problem, I know she is busy with other clients. I sent her an e-mail and then I call the main office line to see if perhaps the office manager can confirm receiving the package this morning.  No answer.  My call rings through to the main switch board in the Birmingham office.  I ask her if she can see if anyone is in the Louisville office.  No answer.  So I sat.  In limbo.  And tried hard not to think about all the horrible, no good, very bad things that could happen to that run of the mill envelope of original documents that took months to procure.  Thankfully the Lord only tested me a brief time and I received an e-mail about ten minutes later from our social worker.  They were in meetings all day and yes, she has received it.

"Yes I have your dossier! I'll be preparing it to go out and will confirm with you when it goes to Birmingham! Should be today or Monday. I will overnight it via FedEx and also confirm with you when it arrives."
She will review it and place it back into yet another overnight shipping envelope and send it via FedEx to agency headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama.  She said she hopes to ship it overnight either late today or Monday (I'm guessing likely Monday so she has plenty of time to review all of it).  Once there, it will sit with the China director and await authentication once our USCIS approval comes in!

Safe travels, dossier!  This is going to be one well traveled set of documents by the time they make it to China! 

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