Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Little of the Latest

Things have been busy in the Burri home lately.  We wrapped up "summer" with a flurry and have jumped in with two feet into our new school year.  I say "summer" because let's be real.  It is August.  In Kentucky.  It will be summer until at least mid-September.  Or later.  However, in the sense that summer vacation has ended and a new school year begun, we are right in the thick of it.  This year is a whole new adventure for our family.  We've decided to home school for this year and prayerfully consider each year that comes.  Right now, I see it as a wonderful fit for Jacob.  I love it, but I will be real, it comes at a price, for sure.  Things are a challenge with two three year olds in the thick of school, but we are learning and finding a daily groove that works.  I am amazed how quickly our work can be accomplished in a day!  Jacob is bright and an eager student.  I am kicking myself for sticking with the first grade reading program....should have jumped up to 2nd grade. He loves math class (everyone does, Mommy included, which is surprising to all those who know me well).  He adores reading and zips through too fast so I make him read to the twins.  He hates phonics (likely because it is way too easy for him).  Penmanship isn't his favorite, but he's keeping a good attitude.  Memory work is his forte.  He's thrilled he's in first grade and learning cursive this year.  We joined a co-op and will begin that this coming week and everyone is excited.  The twins will go with us and get to "go to school" too.  They are way too happy mommy bought them lunch boxes to carry!  Big kids!  So, here's to a new year and lots of new adventures as a family!

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