Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sweet Girl

Dear Hannah,
Over the last couple of weeks I have been praying in earnest that we would get to you before the Chinese New Year shut down.  It occurred to me often, while I was praying, that there may be two foster parents on the other side of the world, praying in earnest that we might NOT get to you before the Chinese New Year, just so they might have a few more days with you.  I know God has heard all of the prayers of His people and is responding to each of us according to His will.

The time is near, Hannah girl.  Soon, we will come to you.  Soon, your little world, all you've known for two years, will be turned upside down.  Adoption will become a glorious mess.  Brokenness, heartache, grief....but God promises to restore our joy in the morning.  He will comfort you and we will too, the best we know how.  I am counting the days and it is such a strange feeling to be all mixed up inside like this.  I simply cannot wait to hold you in my arms, stroke your hair, sing sweet lullabies, and drink you in.  However, my heart is so, so burdened and heavy.  The day is soon and it will not be a happy day for you.  You will be so scared, so sad, so broken and confused.  I pray God is paving the way in your little heart to understand, somehow grasp in your innocent mind, that what He has planned is what is best for you.  My heart is heavy at the grieving I am about to witness and the road we are about to walk together.  It will be a beautiful mess.

So many days, so many months, leading up to this time.  I am so anxious.  I cannot wait to meet you, but also a little scared about the journey there.

I love you, so much.  I hate what you are about to go through.  You have been a precious, loved daughter from the moment we saw you.  Sweet girl, we are coming.....soon.  We adore you and cannot wait to meet you and make you Burris forever.

We love you and we will see you so very soon. 


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