Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adoption Day!

The time from Gotcha till we landed back in Lexington (well, even now that we are back in Lexington) was a total whirlwind of activity.  Our agency kept us busy with sight seeing as well as official adoption related business.

The following morning after Gotcha (January 27, 2015) was Adoption day or as we call it, Burris Day.  This was the day we returned to the Civil Affairs office and signed all the paperwork and answered all the questions to make our adoption of Hannah final and complete.  It was bizarre, some of the questions they asked us.  Things like, "Are you satisfied with this child?" and "Are you sure you will have time for another child since you already have three at home?"  They also wanted to know why we wanted a child from China.  It was stressful, to me, to be at these official appointments with a child I'd known for less than twenty four hours.  I had no idea what type of behavior to expect from her and certainly didn't want her to be totally out of control in front of all the adoption officials.    Hannah was slowly letting her guard down and seemed a little less shell shocked, though she still hadn't totally revealed her true colors to us just yet.

We got up and got ready to head out to finalize the adoption and do other official business.

 So, so much going on behind these sad, dark eyes. Just beginning to show us the fight she would give as she grieved the loss of her former life.  No hints of smiles for photos these early days.  All dressed up and ready to become a Burris.  Forever.

She loved the fountain in our hotel lobby and she also loved the snack cup we brought with us.  Some kids carry a security blanket or doll.  Hannah latched on to this snack cup and still continues to carry it with her daily.  Food brings her comfort, safety, and security.  Her love affair with the snack cup begins....

Done asking us if we are satisfied with her and now doing a "formal" ceremony where they official proclaim us as Hannah's adoptive parents.

Receiving our official adoption decree.  This is the cherished "Red Book."  Verrrrryyyy important document here.  Do not lose it!

It is official!  She is stuck with us now!  Forever Hannah Burris on January 27, 2015!

Photo with the head Nanny of her orphanage (in pink) and the orphanage director.  They told us over and over how thankful they were that we would accept a cleft baby.  They said in China it is too much for most people to handle.  We were happy to tell them that in America she will have surgery and many, many opportunities.

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