Friday, February 20, 2015

Exploring Nanning

On Thursday of Gotcha Week (January 29, 2015) we had a day off from adoption related appointments.  Hallelujah!  Our guide was available in the morning and asked if we wanted to explore Nanning or do any sight seeing.  We quickly said yes!  We wanted to see as much as we could and we really only felt able to do most of it with our guide with us.  It was a pretty day (warm!!) so we went to another park located in Nanning called Qingxiu Shan.  It was wonderful for us and right up our alley since we all really love to hike in our family.  It reminded us a lot of an arboretum here in the states and was just so scenic...and HUGE.  We could have easily spent the entire day exploring here.  Hannah was really worn out from the emotions of the week (I'll post later about our experiences with her during our time in China, specifically about her grief) and slept part of this trip in the ergo, but she woke up just in time for the fish feeding frenzy.  Oh my!  I have never seen a fish pond quite like this!  Sooooooooo many fish fighting for these tiny nuggets of food!  The weather was glorious and we welcomed the time to take a slower pace.  Our guide then took us out for dim sum lunch.  Quite an experience!  Not really sure how to explain what it was.  It is little bites of things (think small appetizers) and you get bunches of them and it is all steamed food.  You go around to carts and pick what you want and just get several of them to share around your table.  You can only eat there for breakfast, lunch, or brunch.  No dinners.

 These monkeys were everywhere around Nanning.  They had just hosted the Chinese rhythmic gymnastics competition and the gymnastics monkeys were outside all the parks.  This is the entrance to the park.

 Hannah was sound asleep for this part.  The tulips were gorgeous!  In January!  As far as the eye could see and so many colors!

This was a favorite tulip.  Reminded me of a candy cane.

 The fish!  So many fish!!!

 Tons of scenic areas like this in the park.  It was so big you had to take a "tram" to various parts of it!

Checking out the fish!

 She accepted fish food out of Chris' hand!  Major victory!

An early spontaneous smile.  We honestly didn't see a lot of smiles during China.  Not like we see them now.

This is some sort of Buddhist temple.  Chris climbed it.  All of it.  To the top.  I made it three stories or so before my added 20lb load strapped in the ergo slowed me down and made me stop.  No way!

Chris showing off his mad chopstick skills....

This was our last full day in Nanning.  Friday morning we headed to the Nanning airport where we would take a short flight to Guangzhou for the remainder of our stay.  I hate to say it, but we were ready to move on and get to Guangzhou where we would meet up with other adoptive families.  We were ready to share our experience with others who understood fully what we were going through.

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