Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recent Jacob-isms

I thought I would brighten your Thursday with some recent Jacob-isms. He seems to be exploding in new vocabulary each day.

  • What does a cow say? "Booooooo"
  • What does a kitty say? "Eeoooww"
  • What does a doggy say? "Oof Oof"
  • What does a duck say? "Kak Kak"
  • Rain = "Nain?"
  • Cake = "kaK" (emphasis on the final k)
  • Keys = "Keesh"
  • Bible = "Bahbull"
  • Bubble = "Buhbull"
  • Cracker = "Kaker"
  • Yes = Nodding head yes now, but won't say the word
  • No = "Neoow"
  • Outside = "Sigh!"
  • Blanket = "Bee!"
  • More = "Mow"
  • Milk/Cup/Drink = "Boow" or "Balk" or "Bowl"
I am sure there are many more, but that is just what popped in my head so I thought I would share them with you! He is getting very big and VERY independent!!

Love and miss you all!

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