Thursday, September 24, 2009


Jacob had his 18 month well baby check-up today with Dr. Warner. He was a good boy and oh so brave!

Here are the stats:
  • Weight- 25lb. 4oz. - 45th percentile
  • Height- 331/4 inches - 75th percentile
  • Head Cir.- 491/4cm - 92nd percentile
Nothing new here! We have a healthy, tall-ish, skinny boy with a big head! No surprises.

Jacob is developmentally on target and doing everything a healthy 18 month old ought to do.

Hooray, we've been granted permission to start trying peanut butter. Yippee!!! A whole new world of food has opened to Jacob!

Jacob got a seasonal flu shot today and was so big. Just cried during the actual shot and was instantly done.

We stopped at the store to get a "treat" for being such a big boy and a good boy at the doctor's office. Jacob picked out a Kit Kat (excellent choice!) and we shall have it post dinner as a celebratory treat.

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