Saturday, March 27, 2010

2 Year Old Stats

Jacob had his two year old well baby check up yesterday with Dr. Warner. After his display of sheer terror with the specialist at UK a couple weeks ago, I have to be honest and admit I was just a wee bit nervous about this appointment since I had to take him alone. We talked a lot about the visit and I even had Jacob saying "Dr. Warner is cool!" nonstop in the car on the way there. We talked about courage and bravery and how men show how brave and strong they are. There was to be no screaming and crying when he had to be weighed, etc.

Well, Jacob did GREAT! He was such a good brave and courageous just as mommy had asked! He stood right on the scale (on the neat little footprints they have on the scale for them to stand on) and stood tall to get measured (although perhaps a little too tall...I think he was on his tip toes, but it was just an approximation). He greeted everyone who spoke to him and did just an awesome job.

He checks out just fine...a strong, healthy toddler. Here are the stats:
  • Weight: 25 pounds, 18th percentile. Last appointment (6 months ago) he was also 25 pounds. He did not gain anything and dropped from 40-50 percentile to the 18th. Dr. Warner did not seem overly concerned about the lack of weight gain. Jacob is a good eater, enjoys a variety of foods, and is active. The direct quote from Dr. Warner is, "I am not worried at all about the weight. He is just going to be skinny and that is just how God made him." If I'm honest with myself I will admit I am a little bit concerned and do want to be sure Jacob eats a decent amount at each meal. We don't need him wasting away now!
  • Height: 33 inches, 90th percentile. This is a three inch growth from six months ago (!!!!). I do think this was not fully accurate, however, I still think he grew at least 1.5 to 2 inches in the last six months. So, this explains the problem with pants we have. Too big in the waist, to short in the length. Apparently all his nourishment has gone to his height! Not sure where this came from since Mommy is certainly NOT tall and Daddy is average.

The rest of the appointment was as expected. Jacob had his blood pressure taken for the first time and he had a good healthy result. We talked about his lack of ability to jump and Dr. Warner just encouraged us to keep practicing and told us it should be right around the corner; no worries. Jacob's vocabulary and language skills are on target or even a little ahead of the curve. No more whole milk...he is a big boy! Talk about potty training sometime during this year, etc., etc. He is a healthy little guy. And to quote Dr. Warner one more time, "Gosh, he is just a cute kid!" We think so too!

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