Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jacob Says

Here are some of the more recent favorites (along with the translation) or if you feel daring, try to figure it out yourself before looking at the translations listed in blue:

  • "Gama backhoes! Gone! Pop, pop, pop! Modirt!" Translation: Grandmama took me to see backhoes. We went where there used to be one, but it was gone! We found another one and it was going pop, pop, pop and scooping up more dirt!
  • While in the car this evening, Jacob sneezed and said, "Bless you, mommy!"
  • Jacob has been learning about the attributes of God. We will ask him what he has learned and he will say, "God issssss feefull 'n God isssss goooood!" Translation: God is faithful and God is good.
  • Counting: One, two, fee, fife, sick, sehmen, nine, tin! Translation: 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10. Yes, he tends to skip 4 and 8. We're working on fixing that.
  • When asked if he can see something: "I seeum!" Translation: I see 'em.
  • Geekob doit. Translation: Jacob do it.
  • When asked what friends he will see at church: "Noah, Jonah, Hannon, Connah..." Translation: Noah, Julianna, Haddon, and Conner.
  • "Sided turch." Translation: I am excited about going to church!
  • "Gama Roof comin." Translation: Grandma Ruth is coming!
  • "Ahfahdeown!" Translation: All fall down!
  • "Ella heouse. Ella treat! Ella pee pee pahee. Nonna pee pahee too! Geekob pee pee pahee too! Mommy pee pee pahee too!" Translation: At Ella's house she gets a treat if she goes pee pee on the potty. Miss Donna goes pee pee on the potty too. Jacob and Mommy go pee pee on the potty too!
  • "Abcdahg....P...querssss....tuv....double.....z! Translation: This is his version of the ABC's.
  • "Ahbeen mommy." Translation: Obey mommy.
  • "Fuff noll." Translation: Self control.
  • "Fefish." Translation: Selfish.
  • "Eat fries! Buger." Translation: Hey! We ate at that restaurant! I got french fried and a cheeseburger there!

Of course, I live with him all the time, but I really feel like much of what he says is plain. He is so expressive and chatters nonstop and will repeat every single thing you say, just as you said it. So watch your tongue around him (we were a little concerned about the "language" being used at the playground the other far he hasn't repeated any of it!)!!

So, how many of you took the challenge? How many did you get right on your own? Chris told me he was going to help me learn how to load video onto this blog, so hopefully one day you will be able to hear him saying these things "live!"

P.S. My spell checker does NOT like it when I write these "Geekob-ese" blogs! :-)

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