Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jacob Says

Here are some additional funny Jacob says moments:

"Mommy take you!" = Mommy, please carry me!

Daddy was eating cheerios the other day. Jacob kept talking about Daddy's "lelios." Then he says, "I like lelios!"

Jacob got a basketball goal for his birthday. He constantly says, "Fro it basick!" = Throw it in the basket! Oh, and he even did this one in his sleep the night he got the goal.

"Dear Gock, fankyou Ella, fankyou Nonna, fankyou Beck, fankyou Gama Roof, fankyou Gama...." = Dear God, thank you for Ella, Miss Donna, Mr. Breck, Grandma Ruth, Grandma..."

"Gama backhoes! Diggin holes. Truck dumpin dirt. Beep, beep, beep!" = Grandma took me to see backhoes and they were digging holes. There was a dump truck dumping dirt. Then they backed up and said beep, beep, beep!

If you ask Jacob if he likes something his response is "yeah."

"Mommy dipperchange!" = Mommy, I need a diaper change!

"Mommy sit deown." = Mommy, sit down and watch this program/read this book with me!

"Happy to me!" = Happy birthday to you!

Jacob is such a little parrot these days! Don't say anything you don't want repeated!

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