Sunday, April 11, 2010


We've had so much company and we've been so busy that I never got the chance to write my 2 year old letter to Jacob. So, here it is...late, but not forgotten.

Dear Jacob,
You are two years old now! It seems that once you hit the "magic" two year old point a switch went off and you have decided to really start to flex your independence and show that you are autonomous! You are still obedient, but not like you once were, especially with mommy. You are able to have conversations and answer questions. You are interested in the potty and have actually started to go in it at least once per day. You are obsessed with construction equipment. Obsessed probably isn't the best word. I need something stronger than even that. Truly, construction equipment is an idol in your life right now. You wake up talking about it, go to sleep talking about it, and ask incessantly to drive by work sites or walk down to the construction project in our neighborhood. You are able to recognize our route to places based on what backhoes we drive past. It is hilarious. Your vocabulary is growing exponentially. There are new words every day and most of your speech is pretty clear and easy to understand. You still cannot jump. Not one bit. Not even hop a little bit. We're working on it. You are able to understand some basic gospel truths and can tell us that God is good, big, and faithful and that Jesus is risen! You love family worship time each night. You still like to snuggle with mommy and daddy and you still suck your thumb (the right one only) while holding your "B" in your tight little fist.

The weight of the importance of being your mommy really struck me on this birthday. Before you were still a baby. My primary role was meeting your needs; feed you, bathe you, diaper you, clothe you, snuggle you. Now you are becoming little boy and my primary role is going to be to train you and disciple you. My job is to evangelize you and teach you to know and love Jesus. That is such an overwhelming, daunting task and I am so glad Daddy and I love Jesus and can depend on Him to guide us through this task. My prayer for you, sweet little Jacob-boy, is that you will love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. I pray you will grow with a heart that is tender to His word and open to His love.

My heart breaks with bittersweet sadness as I see you grow, sweet boy. I love that you are getting so big and so strong, but my heart aches for that itty bitty baby we brought home from the hospital two years ago. I find myself asking, "how did we get here so fast?" Two years brought so much change and it all happened in a flash.

I love you more than you can ever imagine. Happy birthday, my Jacob-boy.


Jacob Allen Burris, just born...March 2008.

1st birthday, March 2009.

2nd birthday, March 2010.

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