Saturday, May 29, 2010


It is Memorial Day weekend and summer has arrived in the Bluegrass. I love the warm, sunny weather and so does Jacob! We broke out the wading pool for the patio and took our first trip of the season to the fountains at the courthouse this week. How fun it is to have a little one who loves summer as much as I do!

"I want to see Geekub, Mommy!" Jacob loves to look at his pictures in the camera!

"I floatin', Mommy!" He is starting to get too big for this pool! This has become our evening activity this week. He LOVES it.

Our first trip to the fountains at the courthouse for the summer. This was when we first arrived. He was checking things out and warming up to the idea...

Inching his way in...

It didn't take long before he was happily splashing away!

"Fountains, Mommy! Fountains!"

Running around and around and around and around.... You get the point.

He stopped briefly for a snack. Pretzels, raisins, and water.

This is so much fun! Shrieking with delight!

We concluded our trip with a stop at Sam's Hot Dog Stand for lunch. Yummy!

We had so much fun! Hopefully we'll get to go often this summer. We love "cheap" entertainment and it is really not far from the house at all. Hopefully we'll even get the chance to have some friends join us!

And now the house is oh so quiet... I think both Jacob and Daddy got pretty worn out..

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