Friday, May 11, 2012

Springtime Fun!

We've been having fun this spring!
One morning we took all three kids hiking at McConnell's Springs.  It is literally five minutes from our house and none of us had ever really gone hiking there before.  It was a short, easy loop with not a ton of super great highlights (the springs weren't bubbling like we'd hoped...too dry), however, we had some good photo ops and Jacob really enjoyed the learning center inside and the bird watching area!  It is definitely a great place for families with small kids or folks who want a small dose of nature, but not all the work of a more serious hike.
Jacob had a lot of fun!
Joshua never misses an opportunity for a danelion!

Grace had fun playing peek on a small foot bridge!

Jacob got to go spend two nights with his grandparents, so we decided to pack up Joshua and Grace and hike some at Shaker Village to a small water fall.  Shaker Village isn't too far from our house and the hike was just the right length for two 14 month olds in packs.  Grace loved putting her fingers in the water and Joshua loved riding high on Daddy's back!  It was pretty scenery and felt more like "real" hiking than McConnell's Springs did.  We will do this one again.

We've also been able to have some backyard fun with the sprinkler, however, the water was too cold for both Joshua's and Grace's preferences....  Jacob and Grace got into it a bit more than Joshua did.  I think Grace is too cute for words with her flip flops on!

We hope you've been enjoying your spring!  Summer is right around the corner!

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