Monday, April 7, 2014

Nine Months and One Hand!

Happy nine months of adoption journey, today!  Nine months ago we put months and years and ages of talking, praying, thinking, wishing, hoping to be chosen to adopt into action.  We filled out the form.  We said YES!  We want to be part of a child's journey to a family.  July 7, 2013 will be a date I will not forget.  One of many significant dates in our adoption journey.

One hand!  Five fingers!  Actually, less than five fingers!  That is the number of items that stand between us and the completion of our home study!

Today, I went to the doctor and had my physical completed.  Shew!  I am a human pin cushion!  Three vials of blood, a tetanus shot, and a Hep A and B vaccine (and I have to go back two more times for boosters in the next six months!).  We've saved these physicals for the very last thing because they are time sensitive little documents!  We need to get these babies in a dossier and off to China so we don't have to repeat them!

From what I can see, our home study should be complete in APRIL (!!!!!)  if we can get Chris' physical completed soon!  Would you join me in  praying the following? That I will retrieve all the documents from our physicals hiccup free.  That Chris will be able to work around his work schedule and get his physical completed and miss as little work as possible.  That our fourth and FINAL interview for our home study will go smoothly this week.

Somebody do a cartwheel with me!  I've been dreaming of a little girl....  One step closer to eventually seeing her face and holding her close!

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