Monday, April 14, 2014

Specific Prayer Need

I have a very specific prayer request for all those prayer warriors out there to focus on.  Would you please pray for Chris to be able to get his physical with as little missed work as possible? (None is the most ideal option).  I completed my physical last week on Monday and while it was necessary and important, it is also now a ticking time bomb.  The signatures are time sensitive and we need to get it to China before those dates expire.  We can't send it to China until the dossier is complete.  I can't start the dossier until Chris' physical is complete.  I need all the time possible to gather those dossier documents.  Basically, each day that passes between my physical being done and Chris' not being done is wasted time.  We need it to happen....SOON!  The new job is  providing some potential opportunities to get the physical done there, but if it cannot happen there, the new job is creating a problem to go to our family doctor, due to Chris not wanting to take time off right when he started his new job.  All that to say, it is complicated and we need it to happen as soon as possible (this week or next would be fabulous!!).  Would you please pray for God to pave the way for Chris to get his physical very, very soon? 

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