Thursday, November 13, 2014

False Labor

Yesterday our LOA should have arrived via Fed Ex.  It did not arrive.  I waited and waited and waited.....  Our Fed Ex truck tends to come later in the afternoon, so I never expected it till around 2PM or so, but when it got on around close to 5:00 I really began to wonder.  Thankfully I got in contact with our social worker prior to her departure for the day.  Our LOA should have been sent over night to us on the 11th, therefore arriving yesterday, the 12th.  It did not get sent out on the 11th and from the sounds of it, it was still on a desk at 4PM yesterday with the promise that it would go out that day (the 12th).  Due to the delay we were promised "expedited" processing when we send our documents back for immigration processing.

There are a lot of emotions tied to this adoption and many of them mimic "real" pregnancy emotions.  This hiccup was entirely part of God's plan for us and for Hannah and we are fully trusting in that.  I did have a moment (or two) of feeling a bit deflated.  I felt like I was 40+ weeks pregnant and went to the hospital thinking I was in labor, only for them to tell me it was false labor and to send me home to walk some more.  It is frustrating, but getting worked up about it won't change the situation.

So.....hopefully and prayerfully TODAY I will greet the Fed Ex truck with great enthusiasm.

Longing for and dreaming of Hannah!

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