Saturday, August 15, 2009

Indianapolis Children's Museum

The Indianapolis Children's Museum. Wow. Need I say more? If you live remotely close and have kids...take them! We were there 7 full hours (!!) and didn't see it all! There was something for all ages (grown ups included!). All the nephews had a blast, as did Jacob! There is an entire section devoted to pre-school aged children, so we spent the vast majority of our day there. Jacob loved the water table, the train table, the toddler obstacle course, and the sand table. He also got a big kick out of the lawn mowers, construction equipment, and the magnet wall. He just ran (literally) from place to place! This was definitely the highlight of the camping trip for all of us! See the pictures posted below...

Family photo outside the museum.

Jacob and Chris enjoying the water table in the pre-school play area.

Jacob liked checking out the sand table!

This is what happens to a boy after a long, fun day at the Children's Museum!

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