Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slumber Party!

We were honored to be able to offer to keep Ella for Donna and Breck one night last week. This was Ella's first ever overnight without a family member. She did great and I think the kids had fun! She woke up a wee bit early on Sunday morning, but it was good for me to get up and get started with my day!

We did all the essential slumber party activities: played in the wading pool and had snacks while watching Veggie Tales!

The kids playing in the pool on the deck. They had the best time!

"Mr. Chris" was getting a good laugh out of Miss Ella. Such a sweet look on her face!

Winding down from all the play and getting ready for bed. Snacks and Veggie Tales.

Getting ready for night night! Jacob enjoying snacks and Veggie Tales, too!

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