Sunday, January 24, 2010

22 Months

Dear Sweet Son of Mine,
Twenty-two months ago you came into this world, took your first breath, and in and instant, became the single best thing your Daddy and I have ever done together. How have we come so far so quickly? How are we just a couple months away from celebrating your 2nd birthday?

You are a growing boy. Your feet have outgrown your shoes (and buying new winter shoes in January, when all the spring sandals are coming out, is a bit more challenging than expected), your legs are too long for your pants (which required a mid-season wardrobe update), and we can't keep up with how often we ought to trim your hair. Your vocabulary has exploded and you say new words every single day. You are mommy's helper and love to"meanup" (clean up) your toys. You're into counting and count all the time. Backhoes completely rock your world. You've figured out that grandparents are totally awesome and will play with you endlessly because they think YOU are totally awesome. Bob the Builder and Boz are your favorite things to watch. Today was the first day you didn't scream hysterically when we dropped you off for nursery at church and you no longer take Road Rag to church or in the car. You still adore your "B" and snuggle with it at bedtime and nap time. You know how Family Worship works and you think in order to "pway" you need to get off Mommy's lap, set down B, and sit on the floor. You love to march with us as we sing Lord's Army. You love to remind mommy that you are becoming independent and have figured out that we can force food into your mouth, but you don't have to chew it. You have the sense of direction of a messenger pigeon and always seem to know where you are. You know what exit "Andue" lives off of and where the "guckies" are. You are good friends with Yay-yah (Ella) and think Mr. Bock (Breck) and Miss Nonna (Donna) are super cool. Mommy is your snuggle bug and Daddy is your hero. You are our never ending.

Sometimes Mommy loses patience and can be strict. Sometimes Mommy spends too much time on the computer or cleaning the house and sometimes Mommy is more worried about when to get the groceries done than she ought to be. For those missed moments, I am sorry. I realize as I write this that time with you will simply vanish and I have to cling to every moment I have while you are little. I will try harder to read books, play, and make every moment with you, my sweet son, matter.

My dream for you, Jacob-boy, is that you will grow to be a man like your Daddy; a man who honors God, loves his family, and works hard to support them. I pray you will have your Daddy's strength and patience and the deep love he has for those he holds dear. I pray you will seek Jesus with all your heart at an early age and that your Daddy and I will do all we can to nurture a hunger for His word in your heart.

Jacob, I wish I knew how to tell you, in toddler words, how much I love you and how deeply it pierces my heart to hear you echo back to me in your singsong voice, "Iou" (I love you) each night as I leave your room. Unsolicited hugs and kisses make my heart melt and my love for you grows. I could stand in your room and watch you sleep for hours. Someday, when you have a little one of your own, you will understand how this love grows deeper, richer, and more precious with each day that passes. Every night as I tuck you in I think to myself, "I can't love him anymore than I do right now, in this very moment." But when I wake the next morning I already love you more than the night before. You are my miracle baby...the son I longed for for months and months; the baby I doubted I would ever have. Then God blessed us with you and what a gift you are. Do you exasperate me? Yes. Do you push me to my limit? Yes. Have I cried over you? Yes. Do I have moments I think I am going to break and can't do it anymore? Yes. But does a second of goodness with you overshadow all of the bad? A resounding YES!

You are my little man, my little miracle boy, my twenty two month old Jacob. I love you my sweet son.....more than ice cream, more than chocolate, and more than bubble gum. I love you to the moon and back. I love your silly side, happy side, mad side, inside, outside, front side, and backside. As one of our favorite stories says, "I love you through and through. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow too!"


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  1. You totally just made me cry. How perfectly precious and wonderful...