Saturday, January 9, 2010

Train PJ's!

While we were in NY we were blessed to receive a MOUNTAIN (literally three giant tupperware tubs worth) of hand-me-down clothing from my sweet sister-in-law. We've now got clothes ranging in size from 24 months on up to 4T! Sweet! It helps that her son was born in March and so was mine and they seem to have grown on about the same curve!

While we were sorting, we came across a set of Thomas the Train PJ's. I saw them and thought Jacob would flip about them and absolutely love them, but was sad to see they were marked a 4T. We tucked them away in the pile of things to bring back to KY and I hoped that when the time came that he was in a 4T he would still be so pumped about "nains" and such.

As it turns out, I have not had to wait to see what his reaction would be. During a session of some further sorting and moving items from my sister's house to my house, Jacob spotted the Thomas the Train PJ's and pulled them from the pile. He wore them over his clothes that day and later that night I stashed them in the laundry pile to be washed. He loved wearing them and just kept pointing to the "nain" on his pants! I was shocked to see that they kind of fit, but reminded myself he had them on over all of his clothes, including a bulky sweater.

This weekend I did the laundry and once again, Jacob spotted the Thomas the Train PJ's in the pile of laundry. He only spotted the shirt first so he pulled that out, brought it to me and said, "On?" I asked if he wanted the shirt on and he said yay, so I took that as yes and stuffed his puffy sweatshirt sleeves into the shirt. He wore the shirt all day. Literally. He put it on before his nap and didn't ask for it to be removed until right before he ate dinner and had clearly become hot. After his nap he also spotted the pants and asked for me to put those on him too (over his regular pants, no less) and he pranced and paraded around the house feeling awfully proud of his fine Thomas the Train PJ's. Proud as a peacock. When he got hot and asked for them to come off, I thought I had escaped the meltdown that was pending when I had to remove them.

We took a bath and would you believe, nothing would do for bed tonight other than the infamous 4T Thomas PJ's? Amazingly they fit in the waist and the shirt, honestly if we'd waited till he was in a 4T would have been too small, so he is wearing them tonight. The sleeves are too long and the pants are too long (rolled at the waist AND the legs), but he is one happy boy, sleeping soundly in his lovely hand-me-down Thomas the Train PJ's. Don't you almost wish you had some just like it?

Pre-nap discovery of the top and sporting it so happily over his shirt.

Post-nap discovery of the pants and requesting that I put them on.

Post bath, finally with no clothes on underneath. One happy boy to get to go to bed in his hand-me-down, two sizes too big, Thomas the Train PJ's. It is the simple things that make him happy...

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