Friday, January 8, 2010

Obey Mommy!

Jacob and I had a trying day yesterday. He was in an off mood (just grumpy) and was not at all interested in being obedient. So all day long he kept hearing me say, "Jacob, you need to obey mommy!"

I guess he has heard it enough times now that he can say it. So whenever he gets in trouble now, he will not only immediately nod his head (this is yes ma'am) he will also say, "Ahbay Mommeeee." This is his blanket response to everything. It is quite comical. If only we could get this to translate into practical application!

The next step is, "Who do we glorify when we obey Mommy?" Jacob: "Gock." Gock=God. Then after he says "Gock" he will say, "Bahble" (Bible) because as we all know, God is in the Bible! And, depending on the mood of the situation, he may follow all of that up with a moving rendition of the hand motions to "Deep and Wide."

Our boy is growing and is slowly getting things figured out. It is so much fun to watch him grow!

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