Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Visit From Andue!

My sister was out of town last week and I had the privilege of picking Andrew up from school on Thursday. Jacob was so excited he was going to come over and asked about him alllllllllllllllll day long. I kept telling him that AFTER his nap, Andrew would be here!

It was a pretty day, but we still had a bit of snow on the ground, so Andrew decided he wanted to take Jacob out to play in it. It all looks a bit like torture to me, but Jacob loved every second of it!

Andrew throwing the ball.... bounce off Jacob's head.

Andrew teaching Jacob how to make snow angels.

Andrew teaching Jacob how to eat snow. Look out for the yellow snow!!!

Wrestling in the snow...

Jacob LOVES Andue!

Yes, it definitely all looks like torture to me, but they sure did have a blast. Jacob even cried when we brought him in. Andrew felt bad for making him cry.

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