Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We have discovered our public pools and also discovered how kid friendly/toddler friendly they are! Jacob and I have gone twice in the last two weeks to soak up some rays and splash around! First, we took Andrew and Chris along with us and then this week we got to have Grandma join us! Such fun! The toddler area is really amazing. They have a HUGE pool that is no more than 1.5 feet deep and has two slides, all kinds of water fountains and steering wheels to control the sprays, and animals to climb on. The "adult" pool is great too. The main area has a zero depth entry so you feel like you are on the beach and even when you go all the way out it isn't much deeper than 2.5 feet. There's an area for kids to jump in and swim that is about 3.5 feet, a lap lane that is a little over 4 feet, a deep end with two diving boards, and a HUGE slide for the adults/older kids to go down! We love it and will likely spend many more summer mornings at the pool!

Controlling the water with the steering wheel.

The frog slide. This is a Jacob favorite.

Fun with Grandma...who forgot to put on any sunscreen. I bet Grandma will regret this mistake later tonight or early tomorrow.

Swimming with Mommy.

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