Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chores are Fun!

I have no idea what has gotten into me recently, but I've been a crafting fool!  I've made several things I've been eager to post, but alas, they are gifts and must remain hidden until after the gift has been given!  I can, however, share this one with you!  I made this super simple chore chart for Jacob!  He LOVES using it and chores have taken on a whole new dynamic since we began using this!

This had to be the simplest thing ever to make!  I bought a cheap wooden door hanger at the craft store (less than $1) and let Jacob go nuts in the scrapbook paper aisle and pick out what he wanted the hanger covered in.  He loved this paper with baseballs, so we got that (about $0.30).  I used some Mod Podge I already had at home to stick it down and cover it.  Then I used stencils to do his name and the "To Do" and "Done" sections.  We bought coordinating paint and painted some clothes pins and then I just used a Sharpie to write on the chores.  In the morning I put them all on the "To Do" side and as he completes the task, he moves them over to "Done."  Let me tell you, he LOVES moving them to "Done" and wants to do it as fast as he can!  We have a basic list of chores for him right now and alternate things on different days: brush teeth, laundry, sweep, dishes, Bible verse, Mommy's helper (I get to choose something for him to help me with), Daddy's helper (Daddy chooses something for him to help with), pick up toys....  I think that is about all we have right now.  I also painted a few extras and left them blank so we can add as he gets older.

I was really concerned how this would work since he doesn't read on his own yet and wanted to try to get pictures with the words, but just couldn't get small enough pictures that would be identifiable once I got done with them, however, this has proven to be no problem for him!  At the start of the day we read them together, "brush teeth," "laundry," "sweep," "pick up toys," "Bible verse," etc.  The list is usually short enough that he can pretty much memorize it when we read through it.  Then when he does something we'll talk it over...."You just did l-l-l-laundry.  What word up there starts with the l-l-l sound?"  He is quick to find the one with the letter L first and moves it over to "done!"  Genius!  I started making this thing about a month ago and got caught up with work and household projects that I never finished it.  If I'd known the enthusiasm it would generate I would have done it sooner!! 

Just look at my enthusiastic little helper!  Lots of hands to help makes the load easier and has provided so many opportunities for me to talk with Jacob about what it means to be part of a family and how we all help each other out--and then of course expand that to our family in Christ.  We are so thankful we attend a church that really teaches what it means to live in Christian community.  The basics start here on the home level.  We pray one day Jacob will joyfully serve his Kingdom community, too!

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