Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two Years

I've been feeling awfully nostalgic the last few days as I think about Joshua and Grace turning two; almost to the point of tears.  At the time they were born I knew they were a miracle, but I guess in the ebb and flow of life you kind of lose sight of just how great the magnitude is.  It seems the further away from their birth I get, the more I realize just how deeply blessed our family is to have them.  We overcame so much and looking back now, I see such a mighty presence of our Savior through all of it.  Again, I knew then that God was with us, He had to be, there was no way I could accomplish this on my own strength, but now....now I see and feel to the very depth of my being how mighty His presence was during that time.

The odds were stacked against us and I think at the time (thankfully) I was really too naive to really understand.  The day we had our first ultrasound and saw two sweet little hearts beating away my doctor came in and made no joking matter over the fact that she felt a bit nauseous just trying to fathom how my little body would carry two babies to term.  She told me from day one I ought to be prepared to spend a good bit of time in the hospital, to prepare to experience the NICU, and to prepare for a lengthy bout of bedrest.  I heard her words, but I guess I just didn't let them settle deep down inside me, like I hear them now.  She was preparing me for things to go wrong.  Horribly wrong.

Yet through the prayers of so many amazing blessed prayer warriors, things didn't go horribly wrong.  Sure, we had a hiccup along the way, but what I experienced was a far cry from what so many go through when they give birth to twins.  We know so many people, some directly and some indirectly, who have had significant losses and pain in the process of bringing twins into this world.  One sweet family gave birth to their twins far too early and only one child survived.  Another family had their twins too soon and spent two months in the NICU.  A precious friend had one twin die in the womb, only to have to go on to carry both babies to term and give birth to one living and one stillborn.  Oh, our story could have been so different.  So very different.

God blessed us.  That is the only way this happened.  He blessed us with miracles!  Yes, I went into pre-term labor and spent 8 weeks on bedrest, but I did it from the comfort of my home with my family surrounding me to cheer me on.  I spent just one night in the hospital.  Just one.  The next time I entered the hospital after that was to give birth at 37 weeks, right on the dot for full term twin babies.  Yes, I suffered tremendous blood loss and tried to bleed to death on the operating table.  Yes, I had to have blood transfusions to recover.  Yes, I had massive muscle to regain after 8 weeks on bedrest.  Yes, I didn't get to be awake when my babies were born and missed out basically on their first 24 hours of life.  Yes, I had troubles, but God got me through.  God got us through.  Our babies never went to the NICU...in fact, they were ready to leave the hospital sooner than I was! I am so thankful God blessed us in this way.  That He saw fit to trust us with sweet Joshua and Grace.  What a journey it has been, these last two years, but I would never change any of it.  I am so thankful and so blessed to count myself among the few blessed twin mommies.  What a sweet, precious, amazing gift the Lord gave us in them.  Thank you Lord, for your amazing and wonderful gift.

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