Monday, December 29, 2014

A Big Day!

Today was a very, very big day!  We started it off with a call this morning from our social worker notifying us that she had received our final update on Hannah.  Yay!  We got new pictures, measurements, and a video!  Hannah has grown some in the last six months, but not a lot.... only gained 0.7kg, grew 3cm in height, and added two new teeth.  She did not change in foot size, head, or chest measurements.  This means that likely my clothing I have out for her should fit.  We're planning on about size 12 months with a few 18 month items thrown in for just in case.  She continues to look happy and well loved.  I am thrilled to see her "playing" with a cell phone in the latest photos--so many of these kids aren't even really exposed to toys or know how to play.  I also love that she is playing outside.

As an added bonus we got new video footage!  All 27 seconds of it! 

We also found out some sad news.  On December 21st, Hannah was climbing on a folding chair to watch TV (she was alone).  Somehow she got her index finger caught in the folding mechanism of the chair and injured her finger significantly.  The fingernail has fallen off completely and she had to go to the hospital for treatment.  They did x-ray the finger and the bone is fine, but there is significant damage to the tissue.  I will spare you the gory photograph they sent us of it.  The email indicated the foster parents were very sad this happened and apologized to us a great deal for "their negligence."  It sounds like she has some very loving foster parents and we are so thankful they were there for her and got her treatment immediately for this!  I will be in contact with our international adoption clinic here and see if there is anything we should do further.  We know it is currently kept wrapped up, but we do not know the extent of treatment beyond the x-rays.  It is always sad when a little one gets a boo boo.  I wish we could have been there to love on her through it!

So that made for an exciting morning!

Chris has spent the better part of the day assembling a dresser for the girls' bedroom and I have finally moved all of Joshua's clothes into the closet and dresser in the room he shares with Jacob now!  I got to hang all of Hannah's clothes in the closet and will tuck away sweet PJ's and such once the dresser is complete.  Chris is humming a tune about us nesting.  It is nice to nest!

Then, to add to the excitement, we were notified today that we have been chosen to receive a grant from Lifesong for Orphans!  It is a matching grant, so they will match, dollar for dollar, what is given to us up to $3,000.  This is a tremendous blessing!  We cannot believe we were chosen!

So, without further delay, I will get to all that you are waiting for.  Hannah!

Goodness, I love this girl so much already.  This waiting business is really getting old!  Simply cannot wait to hold her!

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  1. Sooo precious!!! I can't even imagine how excited and ready to go get her you must be!