Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Update from China and Glimpses of Love

Yesterday we received our final update about Hannah.  In that update we found out about an accidental injury involving Hannah's index finger.  While we were so sad to hear this news, it allowed us to communicate directly with the orphanage and foster parents to ask some questions in follow up to that piece of information.

Chris and I talked and came up with a list of questions, to ensure Hannah was getting the best medical care possible (we are not talking about a small scrape here....I did not share the photo, but this is a pretty significant wound).  We got the answers to those questions today!

Hannah is receiving outstanding care and all the things we would have wanted to happen here, are happening there.  God is loving our girl and protecting her!  They were not able to do stitches due to the nature of the injury, but it is being kept wrapped well with a special ointment on it.  Her foster parents take her to the hospital every other day for the doctor to change the dressing and ointment.  The nail has fallen off, but the doctor feels confident that it will grow back in with time.  She was given antibiotics at the time and for a few days afterward.  They are now monitoring her for a fever and if there is any sign of infection, they will start the antibiotics again.  She was also given an updated tetanus shot at the time of the incident.  All wonderful news!

When we got the news, there was a word or two from the foster parents included.  They were apologizing to us for being negligent and letting this happen to her.  They were very concerned we would be upset by it.  Since we got to communicate with China about the incident, we also got to send a message to the foster parents (what a rare gift!).  We could tell from the first message from them that they care a great deal for Hannah.  We were able to send a note telling them we were not angry at all and that we were so thankful they responded quickly to get her medical care right away and that they were with her for us through the ordeal.  We are grateful for the care they are providing. 

Well, that message was relayed to them and they responded back.  They said they were thankful for our understanding, but that they continued to feel so bad about it.  They look at Hannah as their own baby and feel so painful about her finger and they hope it will be better soon.  Y'all these people love our daughter.  I cannot tell you what this glimpse of their love for her does for my heart.  While the waiting is hard for us, it helps me to realize that while I wait, they are counting down precious last days with her.  This is going to be so hard for them.  What a blessing.  They love her.  This shows me all the more that Gotcha Day is going to be a glorious mess of brokenness and heartbreak for so many people and on so many levels.  These foster parents are giving up a child they view as their own.  She has been with them since October of 2013.  Would you join me in praying for them?  I know their hearts are going to ache with so much emptiness.  My heart is aching for Hannah now, but I get to go get her, and keep her...forever.  They will likely never see her again.  I can't imagine.  If they seem to love her as much as they do, Hannah is going to grieve over them, as well.  I cannot be them.  I cannot replace them.  So much brokenness.  It weighs heavy on my heart.

This brings me to some new prayer requests:
  • Pray for Hannah's foster parents--to prepare them to say good-bye and make some special memories with her in these last days and weeks.
  • Pray for us to have the opportunity to meet her foster parents.  This is not a guarantee, but does occasionally happen.  I want very badly to meet them.
  • If it is at all possible, I would love for God to pave a way for us to remain in contact with them--sending photos or updates.  I do not know if this is even possible or permitted, but I will be bold and pray for it.
  • Pray for Hannah's heart.  It is going to be hard for her to leave them.
We are getting so, SO close.  There are several families that got their LOA the same day we did that got their TA and CA yesterday and today.  They are leaving next week!  We got a little delayed in processing, but we are right behind them!  Our Article 5 should be picked up from the consulate this week or Monday at the latest and then we will be waiting for TA.  TA time frames vary...anything from several days to a couple weeks.  Once we get TA, things are going to move very quickly.  I guess that means I need to get to work on my "to do" list and get some shopping accomplished!

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