Friday, March 13, 2015

Airport Arrival Photos

A very generous and talented friend of ours from church offered her services to capture the moments of our arrival at the airport with Hannah.  We couldn't be more thankful or blessed by the tremendous amount of time and energy she put into this!  We got our disc with all the photos and here are some of my favorites from the night.

The grandma's have arrived!

At the airport waiting for our arrival.  I think the grandparents were as excited as the kids!

 Waiting.  The cuteness.

More waiting...

They made these with help from Auntie Fred and Grandpa Ruth.  Impressive!

Immediate family waiting to greet us.  I...could...not...wait to see them all!

Cherished friends waiting to greet us and cheer us on.
This moment of coming down the escalator.  It would not move fast enough.  I wanted to hug my kids so badly and I was so overcome with emotion to finally be HOME.

This girl.  Hugging her.  Goodness I could have held her all night.

 As soon as we saw the lights of Lexington from the plane, the tears began to flow.  Seeing my parents just opened the floodgates all the more.

 I think my mom was about as excited as we were when we left for China.  She was giddy with excitement.  Take note of Grandmama's face in the background as well.

 Oh, how I had missed these faces.  I was so happy to see our babies!

 Stop it.  I simply cannot stand the look of adoration Grace has on her face.  So happy her Daddy is back!

 Jacob had been the "man of the house" for two full weeks and then he realized he didn't have to be grown up anymore.  His floodgates opened, which in turn, made mine open.  Our big sob fest together.

 My firstborn.  Goodness, I love this boy and I LOVE this picture.

 We did it Hannah!  We traveled for 30 hours and flew halfway around the globe.  Mission accomplished!

 So tremendously blessed by all those who came out so late on a Thursday night to show love and support to us!  True friends and true family, here!

 Welcome home, Hannah!  This is your family!

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  1. Yay! God truly moved mountains for you and your family. Hannah I don't know who was blessed more your family, you, or all of us for watching this miracle unfold.