Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy {First} Second Birthday, Hannah!

In an effort to avoid overwhelming Hannah on her first birthday in our family, we kept things very low key and simple here today.  We had a wonderful time together, celebrating her second birthday, her first among many as a Burris.  When we first saw your picture, our prayer was that we would get you  home in time to celebrate your second birthday with us.  We are so thankful God gave us this blessing of celebrating you today.

Hannah, you challenge us, grow us, love us, make us giggle, make us cry, drive us to our knees in prayer, and cause us to rejoice daily.  We love your pterodactyl laugh, your "clefty" kisses, and spunk.  You are smart, quick, and intense.  We love watching you grow, seeing you change, teaching you new things, and experiencing all your firsts as a Burris.

Look out world, God has a mighty plan for this little girl.   Happy Birthday, Hannah.  We adore you!

A cupcake to celebrate the first birthday we missed with Hannah...

She was so excited about her candles.  Happy 2nd birthday!

She ate only the icing...rather daintily.

For me? 

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